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“Barely Saved Anything!” Malaysians Stunned By ‘Super Saver’ Price At A Local Supermarket

“Barely Saved Anything!” Malaysians Stunned By ‘Super Saver’ Price At A Local Supermarket

Netizens discovered that the prices at a local supermarket were the same or marked up instead of a Super Saver promotion.

Adeline Leong

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We are familiar with the usual fake sale tactics such as the ‘Final 3 Days Sale’ or the neverending moving-out sale.

However, a netizen recently uncovered another ‘sales tactic.’ The latest ‘Super Saver’ promotion at a supermarket made a lot of people tear up with laughter too.

A netizen @anthraxxx781 posted an image of the price tag of canned food on a Super Saver promotion.

The normal price for a can was RM6.50. Under the Super Saver promotion, customers only needed to pay RM12.99 for two cans.

Anyone who’s quick with calculations could see that the promotion only helps customers to save 1 cent, which is hardly saving anything and a worthless promotion.

Here’s how the basic calculation pans out:

Normal price: RM6.50 x 2 = RM13

Super Saver price: RM12.99

The incident became more absurd when a netizen shared a video showing the price of a bag of coffee powder.

In the video, a bag of coffee powder costs RM28.61 under the Super Saver promotion.

However, the original price tag hidden behind the new price tag stated it cost RM26.86! That’s hardly a saving but a price markup of RM1.75.

Netizens said they wouldn’t save any money if they decide to buy the canned food because the amount to be paid would be rounded up anyway.

Another person joked that they get to save RM100 if they bought 10,000 canned food.

The absurd pricing also had a netizen doing the calculations twice because they couldn’t believe what they saw.

This episode certainly reminded everyone why learning how to count and being alert is important.

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