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Former Secondary Student Gets RM200 A Week For Pocket Money At School, Says It Wasn’t Enough

Former Secondary Student Gets RM200 A Week For Pocket Money At School, Says It Wasn’t Enough

The former student’s complaint stirs up a social media storm about youthful spending habits.

Fernando Fong

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A former student is unhappy that he used to get RM200 a week as pocket money during his days in secondary school.

So he took to social media to complain, saying his allowance would not be enough to live on and left him depressed.

He posted his ‘grievances’ on Tiktok under the username @azrulikram28.

Allowance Is Far Higher Than What Most People Get In School

The complaint quickly became a discussion topic on social media, attracting more than 625,000 views and thousands of comments – many of them urging him to be grateful.

According to netizens, today’s teenagers are ‘spoiled’ and often extravagant, in addition to not knowing how to save.

They should learn helpful life lessons by spending their student life on a tight budget.

Netizens added that there are no fixed norms on allowances.

It all depended on factors such as parental income, school location, the lifestyle of the student and how much parents were prepared to give their child.

Some said that canteen food had indeed gotten more expensive.

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In response, @azrulikram28 said he did not mean it literally and was only looking to make some content with the posting.

He said the pocket money was enough for him to survive into adulthood.

@azrulikram28 said he is 26 years old now and has graduated from tertiary education with a degree.

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