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Why Stress Over Meals When Pandamart Can Help You Prep Your Own?

Why Stress Over Meals When Pandamart Can Help You Prep Your Own?

Pandamart’s dark stores exist so riders won’t need to queue at actual grocery stores.

Anne Dorall

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With the new MCO3.0 rules and an 8pm curfew, many of us have already pre-shopped for our groceries.

But even the best meal planner may realize that they’re missing ingredients– or worse, don’t feel like eating whatever they planned for.

If you’ve planned to make and have all the ingredients for spaghetti, but end up craving fish & chips instead, is it too late to change your plans?

Pandamart says it’s never too late, because whatever you crave, you can buy straight from their mart.

What’s pandamart?

Pandamart is foodpanda’s grocery delivery service. However, unlike other services which requires the rider to physically enter a grocery store to pick out your items or for the grocery store itself to prepare your order, pandamart operates out of cloud grocery stores called dark stores.

These dark stores, which are like mini-warehouses and houses an incredible variety of items, are not open to the public and only serve as a pick-up point for pandamart delivery riders.

The dark store is neatly stocked and carry all sorts of items.
(Credit: foodpanda)

Staff at the dark store will pack your order within 2 minutes, while riders can pick it up and deliver immediately to you without having to spend additional time picking out items and checking out at a regular grocery store.

As a result, you will be able to get whatever you need really fast without even leaving your house!

What can you get?

Sure, they carry basics such as carrots and laundry detergent, but also stuff like fresh fish, coconut milk, various sauces and pastes, and even alcohol.

With the wide variety of ingredients available, you could even change your mind about what you want for dinner, order a couple of items on pandamart, and have it delivered to you before your rice finishes cooking.

It takes a little imagination, but we even tried it out for ourselves with a “pandamart fish & chips” dinner.

It tastes better than it looks.
(Credit: TRP)

Everything on the plate (excluding the plate) was bought directly from pandamart, from the fish to the tartar sauce and the salad. With just a little bit of effort, I could experiment with a new dish I’ve never attempted before and end up with an absolutely yummy result, all without leaving my house.

If you’re keen to try out pandamart for yourself and avoid the grocery stores especially during this pandemic season, use the promocode TRYPANDAMART to get RM15 off on your first order!

For this current MCO 3.0, last orders will be at 7.30pm to adhere to SOPs.

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