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Does Marrybrown’s New Oishii Japan Menu Makes You Teri-fied Or Wanna Teri-ak? [Review]

Does Marrybrown’s New Oishii Japan Menu Makes You Teri-fied Or Wanna Teri-ak? [Review]

Their new limited time Oishii Japan menu features savory sweet Teriyaki and intensely sharp Wasabi flavors.

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Fun Fact: Did you know that Marrybrown even has an outlet in Sweden?

That’s our local brand right there! Way to go Marrybrown!

Marrybrown outlet at IOI City Mall Putrajaya.
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

Being the first local halal fast-food restaurant chain in Malaysia since 1981 in Johor Bahru, they currently have around 500 restaurants across 16 countries including China, India, Tanzania, UAE and others.

While they are expanding our local brand internationally, they’re also bringing international flavours to the local’s palate!

Following last year’s Marrybrown’s Around The World Journey from countries such as Korea, Thailand and Italy; this year, they’re bringing flavours from the land of rising sun to us: Japan.

Some cosplayers were even there at the event. See how Japanese it is?
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

Aside from having pink sakura shades in their new menu, they’ve also brought the teriyaki and wasabi taste here too.

The characteristics of Japanese food can be rather similar to Malaysian cuisine and that’s why Malaysians are generally receptive to Japanese food.

Seeing this appeal for many years, that’s why we are eager to introduce our Oishii Japan menu that’s unique yet familiar to the taste buds of our fellow Malaysians.

Dato Joshua Liew, Chief Executuve Officer of Marrybrown

The New Oishii Menu

Their new menu features a pink burger (the buns, not the patty), a pink drink and fried chicken draped with their new sauce.

Oishii Rice Bowl Combo (left) and Oishii Box Meal (right).
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

There are four sets to choose from and three of them come with a side of potato wedges and a Sakura Fizz drink. The sets are as follows:

  • 2-piece Oishii Chicken Combo (RM20.50)
  • Oishii Burger Combo (RM15.30)
  • Oishii Box Meal (RM23.90)
  • Oishii Rice Bowl Combo (RM12.90) [no potato wedges]
Oishii Burger Combo (left) and 2-piece Oishii Chicken Combo (right).
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

The Taste Test

I got to try the Oishii Box meal which has the Oishii Burger, 1-piece Oishii Chicken, Potato Wedges, Sakura Fizz and a dip of the Teriyaki Wasabi sauce.

Initially, I thought there were two different sauces for the dips: one teriyaki and one wasabi. But it turns out, they’re combined together! Tough luck for wasabi haters out there.

What’s advertised (left) vs what you get (right).
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

Apparently, the pink sakura shade of the bun and drink makes us imagine that we’re in a field of cherry blossoms. Well, I just thought it was cute. It definitely appeals to the feminine side of me!

Starting with the drink, the carbonated cold drink tastes quite nice on a hot day. I can taste the refreshing sakura breeze under my tongue. Kidding. It’s a sweet sugary drink with little notes of guava. I feel like drinking a pink guava slushie. It’s refreshing, sweet and sour at the same time.

As for the burger, it’s just a regular crispy chicken patty enclosed by soft pink buns and a dollop of the special sauce in between it. You can even smell the wasabi when you hold the burger. Yikes!

(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

The first bite of the burger was very interesting. I can definitely taste the sweet, salty and savoury Teriyaki sauce which I love. But after a while, you’ll get the taste of that pungent sharp wasabi taste. It’s actually quite confusing as you get the sweetness, saltiness, bitterness and also spiciness all in one bite. It plays with your taste buds!

The chicken comes with the same dip as the burger, the Teriyaki Wasabi sauce. You can request more sauce with additional charges if you really like it.

The Verdict

All in all, I believe that this is perfect for wasabi lovers. The sharpness of the wasabi heat combined with the tangy teriyaki keeps you craving for more.

The sauce is actually quite addictive, to be honest. I managed to finish all of it (even though I’m not a big fan of wasabi) thanks to the rich umami taste from the teriyaki sauce.

But if you’re not a fan of wasabi, better steer away from this as the wasabi taste will overpower the umami taste in the end. But hey, you got that sweet and refreshing Sakura Fizz to cool down the heat.

You should definitely try this out for yourselves and let us know whether the pink masquerade overshadows the piquant kick!

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