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Lumi News Is Malaysia’s First News App To Offer AI-Generated News Summaries

Lumi News Is Malaysia’s First News App To Offer AI-Generated News Summaries

Local news aggregator Lumi News app launches their weekly AI News Brief and daily AI video summaries, utilising AI to generate news summaries and news clips of the hottest headlines in English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Chinese.

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Malaysians can now get AI-generated summaries of news reported by over 60+ of Malaysia’s top publishers, all on the Lumi News app.

Just six months into the release of ChatGPT, local news aggregation app, Lumi News, launches two key AI features – the AI News Brief and 1-Minute Video Summary – that summarise must-know news, daily and weekly. With these new features, users can quickly understand key takeaways of featured articles before diving into the details.

The weekly AI News Brief

The AI News Brief is available in English, Bahasa Melayu, and Chinese, every Friday on the Lumi News app. The AI News Brief offers objective, short overviews of the week’s hottest news in one paragraph, along with relevant articles and video links reported by various publishers. Users who enable notifications from the app will be notified as soon as the summaries are ready. 

’AI News Brief’ News Stack on Lumi News, powered by ChatGPT and ChatSonic. Updated weekly.

Today’s Top Headlines with 1-minute AI Video Summary

AI usage on the app does not end here. Lumi News has also improved its daily Top Headlines News Stack by inserting a 1-minute AI summary video. Offering concise news clips by utilising AI-powered text-to-speech solutions, users can now listen to a narrated video of important headlines and stay informed in just 60 seconds. The news is sourced daily from trusted publishers found on the Lumi News app, summarised by AI, and checked for accuracy by Lumi’s team. 

’Today’s Top Headlines’ News Stack, now with 1-minute AI video summary on the Lumi News app. Updated daily.

“The experience of news must be more effortless”, said Samantha Yeoh, Content Specialist at Lumi News. “This format is inclusive for all ages and great for anyone who prefers watching and listening over reading. The AI narration features local accents and subtitles follow in sync, word for word, for better focus.”

Links to respective articles reported by diverse publishers can be found below the video, encouraging users to get the full story. 

“The media must adapt and apply tech like AI and the Lumi team is excited to be a first-mover. We hope our AI initiatives spark more curiosity about important events that impact Malaysians,” said Judith Yeoh, CEO of Lumi News. “Our in-house content team ensures that the AI summaries are always accurate and properly localised. We’re excited to experiment and continue innovating on engaging features like this to delight users and benefit the network of publishers we have on the app,” she added. 

What does ChatGPT say about the application of AI in Malaysian media?

What’s in store for Malaysian media with the rise of generative AI? ChatGPT is hopeful: 

“The future of AI in the news industry looks promising, and news apps like Lumi News are likely to play a key role in this development. As AI technology continues to advance, news apps are likely to become even more personalised and intuitive, using machine learning algorithms to adapt to users’ changing interests. AI-powered chatbots may also become more sophisticated, providing users with personalised news recommendations and even answering their questions in real-time. Additionally, AI-powered fact-checking tools will become more prevalent, helping to combat the spread of fake news. Overall, the future of AI in media is exciting, and the Lumi News team is proud to be the pioneers in its adoption via the AI News Brief and Video Summary.”

By leveraging AI, Lumi News can deliver a more personalised, engaging, and high-quality news experience to users. 

Additionally, AI is equally beneficial for publishers, especially in providing news readers with an immersive alternative to stay informed on the latest news. 

News for all

While news apps have always attracted a certain demographic, Lumi News strives to make news reading delightful for Malaysians of all ages through its friendly interface and unique features. Lumi News is currently the top news aggregator app on Google Play Malaysia’s top charts in the News & Magazines category. 

Users can choose to follow up to 25 topics of interest such as, Lifestyle, Food, Tech, Entertainment, Gaming, Crypto, and Sports, all of which have over 200K followers on the app collectively.

“We always fall back on our winning formula: understanding our audience, delivering breaking news, and being mindful of what’s resonating. Our team is very responsive and quick to adapt to trends and needs, resulting in frequent app improvements and thoughtful features for our users. For example, we developed News Stacks, our very own compilation tool that enables our content team to create compilations of articles, videos, and social media posts about today’s hottest topics, saving news readers time and effort on a daily basis, and now the AI News Brief for AI-powered news summaries,” Yeoh said. 

Anyone can download the Lumi News app for free by searching for ‘Lumi News’ on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Huawei AppGallery today. 

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