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Here’s Where To Get Syiok-ingly Good Deals For Your Next Baking Adventure

Here’s Where To Get Syiok-ingly Good Deals For Your Next Baking Adventure

#BakeSomethingNew with Bake With Yen!

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Going on a baking adventure is like stepping into a magical realm where ingredients transform, ovens conjure delightful aromas, and every whisk stroke weaves a story. In this enchanting world, even the most common kitchen staples reveal their hidden secrets.


Take baking soda, for example – a hero in the baking realm, but did you know it moonlights as a bug bite soother? Read on to learn more fun facts about baking that you probably didn’t know, and be inspired to #BakeSomethingNew with Bake With Yen’s Member Syiok Savings!

Baking soda: More than a rising agent!

(Credit: via Pexels)

This versatile ingredient dons so many hats outside the baking realm! Did you know you could tenderise meat by placing it in a mixture of water and baking soda? Or that you could polish silver using baking soda and some hot water? OR that you could remove splinters and soothe bug bites with a paste made of baking soda and water? You can even irrigate your sinuses with a mixture of baking soda, salt, and water!

Betty Crocker: Fictional Queen of the Kitchen

(Credit: Betty Crocker Malaysia via Facebook)

In a twist of culinary history, the beloved Betty Crocker isn’t a real person but a persona created by General Mills, (then Washburn-Crosby) for customer interactions. It turns out, the face of the brand was crafted with a friendly first name and the last name of a retired employee. A fictional character turned baking queen – iconic!

Chocolate chips: A happy accident

(Credit: freepik via freepik)

Chocolate chips were actually created because of the popularity of chocolate chip cookies. In 1937, a (real) baking queen, Ruth Graves Wakefield, added chunks of semi-sweet chocolate to cookie dough. Naturally, the cookie was a huge success because everyone loved the unmelted chunks of chocolate, and easy-to-use chocolate chips were born!

Myth busted: Chilled cakes do not stay fresh

(Credit: via freepik)

Surprisingly, the fridge isn’t the ideal retreat for these baked goodies. Contrary to common belief, placing cakes and cookies in the fridge might expedite staleness. The culprit? Science! Starch crystallisation hardens baked goods, and chilling disrupts the delicate balance maintained by sugar and fat. According to scientific wisdom, leaving them at room temperature is the secret to keeping your baked delights irresistibly fresh. This only applies to cakes that don’t have icing, though! 

Besides, leaving it out gives us more chances for us to snack on ‘em, right?


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Not just for bakers


Not everyone is a seasoned baker, and that’s okay! Even if your idea of a perfect bake is heating up last night’s pizza, you’re still in for a treat. 

With Member Syiok Savings, you can get your kitchen staples such as butter, eggs, milk, sugars, flour, and so on at cheaper prices! Maybe stock up on baking soda too, while you’re at it. 😆

Ready to #BakeSomethingNew?


Don’t be afraid to shake things up and try something new using the items on sale with Member Syiok Savings! For starters, we’ve got a super yummy Pistachio Brownies with Caramel Cornflakes recipe that you can try out. Watch the video below to learn more!

@trpmsia Attention Baker-thusiats! Want a new challenge? The #BakeSomethingNew challenge is baking something with ingredients you've never really used before! This episode is Pistachio Brownies with Caramel Cornflakes! We're going to exploit Bake With Yen Syiok Member deals to get the best to bake the best. Sign up for their lifetime membership now so you can get deals, exclusive rewards and start baking something new! 🔗 If you like this video, please like, comment and follow us for more yummy videos! We post something new every week! Thanks for watching! #BakeWithYen #BWY #MemberSyiokSavings #GreaterValue #BakingSupplies #BakingEssentials ♬ original sound – TRPMsia

Grab your whisk, preheat that oven, and let the baking begin!

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