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7 Timeless Fashion Pieces Every Malaysian Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

7 Timeless Fashion Pieces Every Malaysian Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

From white button downs to black little dresses, these timeless fashion will stand the test of time, even here in Malaysia.

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Timeless fashion. What is it?

Timeless fashion or classic fashion is any look that never goes out of style or looks dated. You can always return to them again and again because it will last. They usually consist of elevated basics, sophisticated looks and streamlined outfits that can’t be identified from a particular fashion trend or fashion decade.

In our Malaysian weather, we can’t always wear cashmere or trenchcoats even if those are versatile elsewhere. But there are a number of classic basics for us to wear in the hot humid weather. Wear it formally or casually, timeless pieces can exude a chic, effortless and polished look. You can also achieve these kinda looks even in our hot weather by having these basics items in your closet.

Here we go:

1. White Shirt

Now a white shirt is as basic as you can get. There’s just something about it that makes it match with anything you put on. White shirts here can mean blouses, button-downs, t-shirts, turtlenecks and those along the way. But of course, the more professional it is, the more appropriate it will look on you in any setting, business or casual.

(Credit: @missalvy, @vanizhavasanthanathan, @nabila.razali / Instagram)

According to Harper’s Bazaar, because of its versatility, a well-cut white shirt is a timeless wardrobe staple, it will never go out of style. Stiff cottons, linens, silks, puff sleeves, exaggerated collars, high-waisted trousers or skirts, French-tucked into casual jeans or even layered under a dress, you can wear it in an abundance of ways.

2. Blazer

Blazers are important statement pieces for those who want a sophisticated yet versatile look. You can wear them for professional settings, an evening look, or even a night out if you know how to style them. You can get a long and thin blazer with neutral tones to fit the Malaysian weather.

(Credit: @missfazura, @vanizhavasanthanathan, @tasnimshah_ / Instagram)

You can layer it on top of a pair of skinny jeans and a casual top, pair it with an elegant dress or skirt, or wear the big sized one daringly as a dress styled with a Paris pull. You can also pair the outfit with heels, flats or even rock them in sneakers, there are unlimited ways to style them.

3. White Sneakers

White sneakers are the go-to piece if you just don’t know which shoes to wear. It’ll add a certain flair to your outfit, and enhance your classic and versatile look. Of course, it may take a bit more effort to keep these clean but it’ll be worth it.

(Credit: Style Du Monde / WhoWhatWear, @nabila.razali, @kristengracelam / Instagram )

You can pair these in long jeans, shorts, a dress, a suit, a skirt or even in a baju kurung, you do you! But in a super professional setting, maybe it’s best to stick to white heels or flats, at least. You don’t wanna go and meet your corporate clients professionally in sneakers, do you?

4. A Pair of Good Ol Jeans

A good pair of jeans is as versatile as you can get. There are literally a dozen types of jeans from the straight cut to the skinnies to the bootcut ones. And they come in various colours too from simple black ones to sky blue ones.

(Credit: @melissathng, @thesabrinamohd, @vanizhavasanthanathan / Instagram)

You can wear them on literally any occasion big or small, casual or formal (well, semi-formal at least, you’ll get chased out from the government office if you show up in bright blue skinny jeans). For the semi-casual office style, it’s safe to say that dark coloured jeans are more formal.

5. Cardigan

Okay, grandmas aren’t the only ones rocking the cardigans, okay. You just gotta pick the right type. They’re called timeless pieces for a reason. They are versatile because you can style them on even when you’re in a rush.

(Credit: @thurayanur, @thesabrinamohd, @shikingomez / Instagram)

And as fashion goes, there are a lot of types of cardigans from bulky knitted ones to long simple ones and also vest sleeveless cardigans. You can pick thin ones if you’re just out for a casual time and wear the thick knitted ones if you’re constantly working in an air-conditioned room.

6. Little Black Dress

If you search for all time timeless pieces for women, you’ll be sure to come across the term LBD or little black dress. They’re classics for a reason. They can be worn for any occasion from business meetings to a fun night out to dinner parties or even events. You can even wear them to sleep! (but we don’t recommend it)

(Credit: @yvonnechua, @thesabrinamohd, @vanizhavasanthanathan / Instagram)

Because it is black in colour, (you can never go wrong with black) you can pair it off with any accessories to enhance the chic look. Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be little, it can be a midi dress or a sleek long dress or even a maxi dress, as long as it’s black, style style away!

7. Something That Goes With Tradition

Let’s get real. We Malaysians pride ourselves on our mix of tradition and cultures so, of course, we need to have some outfits that represent our roots. You can wear a Baju Kurung, or Kebaya in a formal setting here in Malaysia. No wonder some uniforms here are inspired by these two quintessential and timeless pieces.

(Credit: @sereinrtw, @elizabethtan, @ninazulkafli / Instagram)

And of course, if you’re going for events, it’s nice to have a traditional outfit with a modern twist to show off your rich cultured fashion. Aside from the Baju Kurung or Kebaya, you can also style a Saree, Punjabi suit, Cheongsam and other traditional outfits. Hey, it’s time to show our mixed heritage here in Malaysia.

All in all, since the fashion industry is going towards a more sustainable goal, there’s even more reason for you to invest in classic pieces such as these which you will be able to wear all year after year, styled in different ways.

You just gotta be creative.

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