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Malaysia Is Hot And Humid, But It Shouldn’t Be THIS Hot And Humid

Malaysia Is Hot And Humid, But It Shouldn’t Be THIS Hot And Humid

Malaysia’s continual hot weather is NOT normal.

Anne Dorall

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Previous predictions always cautioned for climate change in the near future, but the fact is that climate change has already made itself comfortable in our own home.

Even though Malaysia is well-known for hot weather and generous rainfall, the intense weather we are facing now is due to climate change.

Extreme weather impacts the world globally, regardless of country. These impacts are mostly in the form of heat waves, droughts, and intense rain or flooding.

This is no longer shocking news.
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What extreme weather looks in Malaysia

We’re not immune to climate change either. The country too has faced a harsher and longer hot spell in North Malaysia, charting a rapid increase in average temperature for the past two decades.

Additionally, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, and Johor faced heavier rainfall due to the monsoon change that caused floods for the last decade.

Typhoon Lekima touched Penang, Langkawi, Perlis and Kedah last year, causing devastation and damage to over 3,000 houses.

650 trees were uprooted as a result too.
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It’s not normal

According to Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY), Malaysia’s grassroots climate justice movement for better environment, it is crucial to understand the difference between weather and climate.

Our everyday weather changes, with occasional cold spells in between the hot days while climate is the weather conditions over a long period of time.

Again, what is worrisome is that the Malaysian climate has seen a rapid rise in the last few decades.

Even if we often hear news of floods, heat waves, or relentless rain, what we need to understand is that it’s not normal.

The fact that we have become desensitized to the extreme weather is troubling, because it means we are still blind to climate change.

However, what’s even worse is that as of now, Malaysia has no concrete plan to address the climate crisis, though there is no shortage of activists campaigning for change.

That’s why it’s KAMY’s mission to raise awareness of this critical issue to all members of the public and the authorities. They recognize that it is too late to wait for government to address the issue, which is why they are bringing the issue directly to the government instead. Visit their website to learn more.

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