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[Watch] Kung Fu Hustle Cosplay Unexpectedly Gains Internet Fame

[Watch] Kung Fu Hustle Cosplay Unexpectedly Gains Internet Fame

The crowd cheered for her when she was called on stage.

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Cosplays are a fun way to attend an event or a function where one gets to dress up as their favorite character.

Many may have seen cosplays of Marvel characters and Anime characters, however, recently TikTok user @karine.ventsin stole the show at an annual dinner at Sky Worlds Theme Park in Genting Highlands when she dressed up as the landlady from the movie Kung Fu Hustle.

The video of the cosplay was shared on her TikTok page, and it has garnered 1.5 million views.

However, the main thing in cosplay is to be in character which the lady pulled off incredibly well.

From her body language to the way she walked and the way she took her slippers in her hand, it was all perfectly done.

Even the detailing of the cosplay was perfectly done. From the hair curlers to the cigarette in her mouth, it was perfection.

Not to forget the applause and cheers she received when she was called up to the stage.

@karine.ventsin Since bao zou po is famous and made your day, here is another video for everyone to enjoy. #gtpcelebration2023 #gentinghighlands #gentingskyworlds #gentingthemepark #kungfuhustle ♬ Jedag Jedug Full Bass – Donny Fernanda

It was described as the best cosplay by many netizens, and it is a very simple cosplay that can be achieved under a small budget.

Moreover, she won the best cosplay for the annual dinner among the other cosplayers who came as Dr. Strange, Charlie Chaplin, Red Riding Hood, and Maleficent.

She was the top cosplayer among the top 10 cosplays for the day.

@karine.ventsin Teka betul ker tak semua? The first place goes to me!!! 🤣🤣 Our Dr Strange in second place and Maleficent in third place😎 #gentingthemepark #gentingskyworlds #gentinghighlands #gtpcelebration2023 ♬ Fire – Gavin DeGraw

Many who saw the video also shared the same excitement as the people in the crowd.

This video reminded many of their childhood watching the movie and impersonating the action moves.

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle was released in the early 2000s.

The story revolves around Sing and his dimwitted friend Bone as they attempted to fool the locals into believing they were part of the notorious Axe Gang.

Brother Sum, the head of the gang, is unaware that three renowned retired kung fu experts reside in this run-down neighborhood in anonymity and are hostile to outsiders.

One of the kung fu experts is the landlady. Her famous move in the movie is known as the Lion’s Roar.

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