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Original Host Of “Blue’s Clues” Returns For A 2-Minute Message That Left Thousands Crying

Original Host Of “Blue’s Clues” Returns For A 2-Minute Message That Left Thousands Crying

Steve said he was proud of us and everyone is crying now.

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Steve, the original host of Blue’s Clues, returned for a special 2-minute message for Blue’s Clues 25th Anniversary. The short video is directed at the kids who watched the show who are now all grown up.

In it, Steve Burns reprises his role as Steve, and discusses his abrupt departure from the show before passing it on to the next host, his brother Joe.

In the show, the character Steve was leaving for college. In reality, it was because actor Steve Burns was rapidly losing hair due to male pattern baldness and did not want it shown to kids.

The video is an uplifting and extremely heartfelt message about how, although things have been hard, all of us have accomplished so much.

All the help you were helping me with is still helping me today.

Steve on the Blue! 25th Anniversary video

He speaks to and addresses his audience directly, as he has on the show. In Blue’s Clues, Steve regularly speaks to the audience and asks for help ‘finding clues’ with his puppy Blue.

After all these years… I never forgot you. Ever.

Steve on the Blue! 25th Anniversary video

Blue’s Clues aired in 1996 and Steve hosted the show for six years until 2002.

Millennials caught unaware

Most of us who watched Blue’s Clues are now in their late 20’s and early 30’s, having gone through all the difficult adult things like college, stepping into the workforce, global crises, and financial struggles in a depressed economy.

Most vieweres were caught off guard by Steve’s calm voice and positive message, leaving us feeling like children again.

As young children, watching Steve leave was devastating. Some netizens even likened it to their ‘first breakup’.

A good amount of netizens were moved to tears (like me, who cried into the keyboard for half an hour), so if you need a moment or two in private with a tissue, you’re not alone.

If you’re a fan of Steve and Blue’s Clues, you might want to find a quiet corner to watch this video.

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