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This KL Husband Happy Dances Every Time He Comes Home From Work To Make His Wife Smile

This KL Husband Happy Dances Every Time He Comes Home From Work To Make His Wife Smile

She made a compilation of his dances and posted it on TikTok.

Tasneem Nazari

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Did you know that happiness is contagious?

In a recently shared video on Twitter, one guy’s adorable happy dance when he comes home from work each day to uplift his wife, has managed to improve the moods of so many people online as well.

Speaking to TRP, Haissazc Hisham said that he knew that his wife, Nurul Damia liked to record his happy dances. However, she had told him the videos were to keep and was unaware she made them into a compilation for TikTok.

He added that the dances weren’t because he’d had a good day at work, but instead because he felt excited to come home to her. 

My work is tiring, but I put it aside and make sure my wife is happy when I return after leaving her for hours.

Haissazc Hisham to TRP.

The couple married recently, about five months ago, and are clearly overjoyed at the fact.

Looking at the tweet’s replies, we aren’t sure which is more sweet – Haissazc’s dances or the things he says about his wife.

When we asked about his wife’s reaction to his daily happy dances, he said she laughs at his silliness and seems happy.

On his advice to other couples out there, Haissazc admits that marriage isn’t easy. But adds that that’s not an excuse to not make it wonderful.

Marriage life is not easy, but that’s not an excuse to make it wonderful & happy. If we choose the right person to live our lives with, insyaAllah we will live happily ever after.

Haissazc Hisham to TRP.

We’re glad Haissazc manages to fulfill his intent to cheer up his wife, day in and day out and wish them everlasting happiness in their marriage.

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