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New Boba Ice Cream Has Hit The Shelves In Malaysia

New Boba Ice Cream Has Hit The Shelves In Malaysia

Anne Dorall

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Bubble tea lovers can now enjoy their favourite drink, now in ice cream form. Wall’s ice cream brand is collaborating with Tealive Malaysia to create the Wall’s Special Edition Tealive Boba Ice Cream.

The ice cream is made with rich milk tea flavours and real chewy pearls. They aim to recreate the satisfying sensation of bubble tea on a stick.

The bubble tea ice cream will be available nationwide at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, and selected Tealive stores.

Tealive Malaysia is offering the ice cream at a discounted price of RM2.20 if you order it with additional drinks for extra bubble tea joy. Otherwise, the ice cream alone will cost you RM2.50. (Which, actually, is cheaper than the bubble tea drink itself.)

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Posted by Tealive Asia on Friday, May 1, 2020

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