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13 weird M’sian superstitions that we still believe in (kinda)

13 weird M’sian superstitions that we still believe in (kinda)

Kirat Kaur

Growing up in Malaysia comes with a whole list of do’s and don’ts- especially those that concern the supernatural.

While some kinda made sense, others were downright ridiculous. Looking back, we can’t help but realise how much faith we put into these beliefs to ensure life goes on smoothly.

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So we’ve decided to take a walk down memory lane to list down 13 weird Malaysian superstitions that we still believe in (kinda).

1. Knock wood to ward off bad luck

The Chinese version also includes a loud “choi!” while the Sabahan version of this is saying “palis palis”. Sometimes if we can’t find any wood nearby, saying “touch wood” is good enough.

2. Ask permission before entering jungle so the spirits won’t kacau you

You also need to ask permission before relieving yourself. Otherwise, you risk angering the jungle spirits who might then follow you home.

Original Image: Responsible Travel

3. If the cicak makes noise when you say something, means it’s true or will come true soon

4. Don’t step over people lying down, otherwise DEATH

Image via Rebel Circus

5. Don’t write people’s name in red, otherwise DEATH

6. No 4 house/car/floor is bad luck, 3A is better, otherwise DEATH

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7. The front gate of the house cannot face T-junction, or lost spirits will wander in


8. Don’t sit on the pillow or you’ll get pimples on your butt

Credit: Dump a day

9. Never cut your fingernails at night because bad spirits will come

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10. Don’t point at the moon or you’ll get a cut behind your ear

Some say it’s because the Moon Goddess gets angry when you
do this.

11. Don’t open umbrella indoors, it’s bad luck

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12. Bite a new pair of shoes so that they don’t “bite” back


13. If you sing while cooking in the kitchen, you’ll get an old spouse

Original image via Interview Magazine

So which superstitions do you remember hearing? Or do you still believe in them?

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