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Tragedy Strikes Malaysian Influencer Couple As Young Son Drowns In Hotel Pool

Tragedy Strikes Malaysian Influencer Couple As Young Son Drowns In Hotel Pool

Despite being resuscitated, Enzo’s heart eventually stopped beating after five days while he was still in a coma.

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An internet celebrity couple, Jasmine Yong and Kvin Lim, are grappling with an unimaginable loss after their beloved 2-year-old son, Enzo, drowned in a hotel swimming pool.

The heartbreaking incident occurred last Saturday as the family was staying at a hotel to celebrate Mother’s Day.

In an emotional Instagram post, the couple recounted the tragic events.

After taking a nap alongside Enzo, who had fallen asleep after drinking milk, Jasmine woke up to find her son missing from the bed.

To her horror, she discovered that the initially locked door to the indoor swimming pool had been opened, and Enzo was found unresponsive in the pool.

A Desperate Fight for Life: Parents’ Frantic Efforts to Save Their Son

Desperate to save their child, Enzo’s mother immediately began performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while his father ran to the hotel lobby to seek help.

However, they could not call for assistance due to poor network coverage.

The couple rushed to the lobby with their lifeless son in their arms, pleading with hotel staff to call an ambulance and provide first aid until help arrived.

After a gruelling half-hour of emergency treatment at the hospital, Enzo’s heartbeat finally returned, but he remained in a coma.

The couple took to social media, asking for prayers and support from their followers, hoping for their son’s recovery.

Tragically, despite Enzo’s valiant fight, his heart stopped beating after five days, and he passed away.

A Family’s Heartbreaking Farewell: Celebrating Enzo’s Life and Finding Solace in Memories

The news of Enzo’s untimely death has sent shockwaves through the online community, with fans and followers expressing their deepest condolences and support for the grieving family.

Yong and Lim, known for sharing heartwarming photos and moments with their son, are now left to walk the painful path of mourning and healing in the wake of this devastating loss.

The thoughts and prayers of countless individuals are with them and their extended family during this incredibly difficult time.

In the heart-wrenching Instagram post, Yong shared photos of the boy’s funeral service, where they had burnt a drawing of the family as part of the offerings.

The couple also released balloons into the air and spoke of their wishes for him to be happy.

“Our baby Enzo has gone to heaven and become a happy little angel. He is no longer in pain or suffering, and we’re grateful for everyone’s prayers and blessings,” they wrote in Chinese, their words a poignant testament to their love and the profound sense of loss they are experiencing.

May Yong, Lim, and their family find the strength to carry on, knowing their love with their precious son will forever live in their hearts.


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