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Altercation Between Grab Rider And Aunty Over Parking Allegedly Gets Physical

Altercation Between Grab Rider And Aunty Over Parking Allegedly Gets Physical

In the video, the issue seemed like a mere parking issue but got handsy, as alleged by TikTok user @apvle_.

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Parking motorcycles in car designated parking can lead to a whole lot of frustration especially at peak hours when parking slots are limited.

With that, it comes as no surprise that an altercation broke out recently between a GrabFood rider and an aunty over a parking spot.

In the first video posted, the issue seemed like a mere parking issue but allegedly got physical after TikTok user @apvle_ called her out as rude.

In the beginning of the video the aunty can also be seen saying that the reason most people hate GrabFood riders is because they take up too much space when it comes to parking spots allocated for cars.

@apvle_ wrote in her video that this incident has made her lose respect towards older people like said aunty as well.

She yelled at me three times before approaching me. Then she cekik I guna sentiment dia orang tua? No! My parents taught me to respect people but she definitely doesn’t deserve my respect.

@apvle_ via TikTok

She also added that the incident had taken place at Craven Cafe at Bukit Antarabangsa at approximately 10 in the morning.

In several other TikTok videos posted after the altercation, @apvle_ explained that she had parked between the yellow line of two parking boxes, one with a car and the other that was empty.

As you can see in the video, the car that was parked was the aunty’s car. I was not disturbing or disrupting any parking spots for any vehicles at that time.

@apvle_ via TikTok

She also noted that the aunty had begun scolding her while taking her car out and then moving it three parking spaces down.

After she had moved her car, I thought the issue was solved but she kept screaming at me. I ignored her but she kept going at it bringing up my education and saying I lacked intelligence. She also started telling me that my family had not taught me well enough.

@apvle_ via TikTok

@apvle_ added that the aunty also complained about the lack of parking spaces at that particular area but at that given time, there was an abundance of spots available for her.

She then added that the aunty decided to get handsy and shoved her before allegedly choking her.

She strangled me and of course I had to defend myself so I screamed at her asking her not to behave that way but instead she pulled out the excuse that she was older and that she deserved respect. People around us were asking me to stay calm.

@apvle_ via TikTok

She also admitted that she was wrong for parking at a car park spot but also pointed out that she only did so because there was no available motorcycle parking spot.

I admit I was wrong but that did not give the aunty the right to do what she did to me as well.

@apvle_ via TikTok

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