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Grandma Of 10 Sets Out To Pursue Degree At 64

Grandma Of 10 Sets Out To Pursue Degree At 64

She decided to pursue a degree during the pandemic.

Keran Raj

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Education has no age limits. Anyone can pursue it at any stage of their life and as an example of that, a Twitter user shared that her mother was taking up a degree in business management at the age of 64.

She is a grandmother to 10 grandchildren with the 11th one on the way. According to @sthehu, her mother made the decision when she found herself bored during the pandemic and also because she likes studying.

Many netizens were inspired by this and offered their best wishes and also asked a few questions.

Good for her. May Allah ease everything for her

@anumrathi via Twitter

One Twitter user asked @sthehu to share the process of pursuing a degree at a late age and whether it has to be at public universities or private universities as well. She replied saying that it depends on the universities and asked the netizen to check their websites.

Another Twitter user said that she would like to show this to her mother as a motivation.

This is so cute! All the best to your mom! The fact that she did not stop because of the age is inspiring . I need to show this to my mom she’s only in her mid 50s tapi dh tk nk buat apa2 dah.

@Waaandles94 via Twitter

Another user shared that his dad also pursued his studies in his late 40s and has been his inspiration since.

Never late utk belajar, ayah i ada degree when he is in late 40s..he always my inspiration bila i nk giveup on studies..if he can, i can too!! goodluck to your mom!!

@sharizaridza via Twitter

“All our dreams can come true if we had the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

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