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Sabah Tailor Forced To Work For Free By Fickle Customer

Sabah Tailor Forced To Work For Free By Fickle Customer

The tailor refunded the RM200 deposit to avoid arguing with the customer.

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Every job has its challenges.

That’s what Grettel Paul Lohuji, a tailor from Sandakan, Sabah, went through when she was recently faced with a picky customer.

According to the 27-year-old woman, she was sad because her efforts burning the midnight oil for three days were wasted and failed to bring her any profit.

Grettel said the customer is actually from Melaka and knows her through the TikTok app.

She had wanted to book her services for a long time, but Grettel didn’t accept it.

Speaking to mStar, Grettel said she felt sorry for her and finally took the order.

She gave me a picture to use as an example. I told her, this booking is difficult, it won’t be 100 percent the same as in the picture. But she told me to try. It’s really hard, I didn’t sleep for three days until dawn.

Tailor Grettel Paul Lohuji on her hard work being in vain.
A screenshot of the conversation between Grettel and her customer. (Pix: TikTok/@grettelpll)

All For Nothing

Grettel was happy to inform the customer when the dress was ready.

But when Grettel sent her a picture, the customer said it didn’t suit her eyes, so she tried to change it slightly.

It’s almost the same even though it’s not 100 per cent, but still, he’s not satisfied.

Saddened by the response received, Grettel finally returned the deposit amounting to RM200 because she did not want to have a long argument with the customer.

Honestly, I was really sad. So I returned the RM200 deposit that she had paid before. The sad thing is not because of the cost, but because she is not satisfied. But that’s okay, I’ve only opened the shop for a year.

Tailor Grettel Paul Lohuji on wanting to protect her name and not arguing with customers.

Grettel’s situation drew the sympathy of netizens who empathised with her.

At the time of writing, her TikTok post had been viewed more than 500,000 times and with over 3,000 comments.

Netizens also consoled her by saying that the finished dress was beautiful and of excellent workmanship.

Be Considerate Of Others

While cancelling an order after the product has been delivered is not ideal, it is sometimes necessary for certain situations.

For example, if the product is damaged or defective, the customer can cancel the order and request a refund or replacement.

Similarly, if the product does not meet the customer’s expectations or needs, they may choose to cancel the order.

However, cancelling an order after the product has been delivered can be costly for the seller, as they may have already incurred expenses related to shipping and handling.

Additionally, it can be time-consuming and inconvenient for the seller to process a cancellation and refund.

In general, it’s best for customers to carefully consider their purchase before placing an order to minimize the need for cancellations after delivery.

If a cancellation is necessary, it’s important to communicate with the seller promptly and clearly to ensure a smooth resolution.

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