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Ushering In The Digital Age Of Divorce

Ushering In The Digital Age Of Divorce

Klik Divorce paves the way as Malaysia’s first digital divorce platform.

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The Malaysian divorce landscape is changing thanks to a cutting-edge legal technology created by lawyers, which also supports the Malaysian government’s initiative to promote widespread technological adoption.

Launched early this July, Klik Divorce is the country’s first digital divorce platform with the main goal of facilitating people looking for legal avenues for the dissolution of marriage.

Founders of Klik Divorce, Dato Fion Wong and Dato Chris Chin. (Credit: Klik Divorce)

It was developed by lawyers Dato Fion Wong and Dato Chris Chin, who are both ardent advocates of the use of technology in Malaysia’s legal sector and the founders of Askaila, Malaysia’s first artificial intelligence (AI) legal assistant, which was introduced last year.

Many people are unable to afford the legal fees for divorce, especially with today’s increasing costs of living. Additionally it can take anywhere between 6-12 months for terms to be discussed back and forth before the divorce is filed in court.

Dato Fion Wong.

Through Klik Divorce users can build divorce terms such as spouse maintenance, child custody, maintenance and visitation rights as well as the division of matrimonial assets.

With just one click, divorce papers are immediately generated for printing and signing. If the divorcing couple mutually agree on the terms, the whole process takes only about 5 minutes.

The law firm can then review the papers and prepare them for filing in the Court the next working day.

Meanwhile, those who encounter challenges or need help to facilitate settlement agreements, can engage the service of a lawyer; online or in-person.

(Credit: RODNAE Productions via Pexels/Klik Divorce)

Adopting legal technology to execute simple manual tasks can save a lot of time and reduce costs which make legal fees affordable to more people. This also enables lawyers to dedicate more time and effort to develop the law.

Dato Fion Wong.

Klik Divorce is particularly beneficial in uncontested divorce cases. It not only expedites and streamlines the procedure, but it also results in quicker settlements, which reduces judiciary workload and frees up court time.

As Malaysia’s first legal online service, it also serves as a model and opens the door for other digitalized services.

Dato Fion said that despite receiving encouraging and positive feedback from users, there are unfortunately lawyers who continue to openly resist the adoption of this platform.

Nevertheless, despite the obstacles that lie ahead, we are determined to drive Malaysia’s legal industry towards adopting technology to offer efficiency and value  to the public. We are also confident that in the near future Malaysia’s legal industry can catch up and compete with other nations whose legal technologies are already ahead of us.

Dato Chris Chin.

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