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Preacher Uses Justin Bieber Concert To Guilt Trip Followers Into Joining His Religious Class

Preacher Uses Justin Bieber Concert To Guilt Trip Followers Into Joining His Religious Class

Preacher Iddin Ramli says that the people would rather spend money on the concert than his religious class.

Anne Dorall

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When it was announced that Justin Bieber will be hosting his Justice Tour Concert in Malaysia this October, Malaysian Beliebers went wild.

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One opportunistic Malaysian even tried to jump on the hype to promote his religious class, but unfortunately for him, it did not sit right with his followers.

“Spend your money wisely”

Twitter user Iddin Ramli shared the video with a caption critisizing how people are “lazy” to commit to religion, even with the month of Ramadan coming up in just a few days.

In the video, he explains that Justin Bieber’s one-day concert in Malaysia, with ticket prices ranging from RM288 to RM2,088, is likely to sell out immediately.

It will sell out too. Even RM2,088 is cheap for people who are interested in these things.

Iddin Ramli on Twitter

He then compares it to the religious class “30 Days With Quran” that he is hosting during the month of Ramadan, saying that that has not sold out.

It’s cheap too, only RM1.70 per day.

Iddin Ramli on Twitter

He goes on to say that it’s such a good deal as he provides free gifts such as notebooks, Ramadan planners, and a chance to win an iPhone, all for a low price of RM50.

He ends the video seemingly disappointed, saying that people must not care about learning about religious values, because even such an attractive price can’t get people to sign up for the class.

Netizens aren’t having it

Iddin Ramli’s post ended up rubbing netizens the wrong way, with many people saying that his guilt-tripping was done in bad taste.

Others said that he should relearn his marketing strategy instead.

Even more raised the fact that those who would be interested in the Justin Bieber would be more than just Muslims.

Shockingly enough, it turns out that people can be interested in both Justin Bieber and their religious learnings, because the two are not mutually exclusive interests.

Additionally, while Justin Bieber’s concert tickets go on sale on 31 March, the concert itself will only be held on 22 October.

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