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Because Of Omicron, Difflam Lozenges Went From RM16 To RM100 A Box

Because Of Omicron, Difflam Lozenges Went From RM16 To RM100 A Box

Demand for the lozenges has been growing exponentially in part due to Omicron.

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Difflam lozenges are among those recommended by doctors to relieve itchy throat due to symptoms from the Covid-19 virus.

These medicated sweets are a necessity to help prevent symptoms of Covid-19, especially for Covid-19 patients and those who are quarantined.

Recently, the price of these lozenges became a concern to netizens.

It was rumoured that Difflam is getting more expensive and even triggered a heated debate among people.

Twitter users started sharing the price of Difflam anti-inflammatory lozenges which is getting more expensive, reaching more than RM100 per box while the original price is around RM16.

According to netizens, most of the medicines that are specifically for patients with itchy throat and cough are difficult to buy at drugstores or pharmacies due to limited and dwindling supplies.

People are disappointed that the price has become so expensive to the point of burdening those in need.

People who are sick now have to try traditional medicine because all modern medicines are more expensive.

Previously there was a commotion about the paracetamol drug that had run out of supply since last January, which worried the public, especially Covid-19 patients.

Lozenges are candy-shaped preparations that contain medicine. It contains one or more drugs usually sweet-flavoured. The function of lozenges is to provide relief and comfort over the irritation of the throat cavity.

The active ingredients contained in lozenges provide varying functions. Each brand and type of lozenges also have different active ingredients. 

These active ingredients have effects such as analgesic, anaesthetic, antiseptic, antimicrobial and antithesis.

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