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Affordable Android TV With Latest Japanese Tech. Need We Say More?

Affordable Android TV With Latest Japanese Tech. Need We Say More?

Toshiba’s Flagship 4K smart TV Z770 and premium 4K TV M550 series would make fine additions to your living room.

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If you are going to get a TV, get a smart TV, and if you are getting a smart TV, we recommend an Android TV. Trust us, it is future proof, you will not miss out on most streaming services.

So when Toshiba announced two series of Android-powered smart TVs, it caught our attention. It helps that the prices are reasonable too. 

Z770 Series

This flagship model has everything Toshiba can put in it. The company used 15 bold marketing terms to describe all the technology and features it has. 

In simple terms, the Z770 series has the best that Toshiba has to offer. It has the means to make lower resolution videos look better and 4K content look excellent. No matter the light condition. 

It also has built-in speakers and sound technology that would make a soundbar an optional purchase, instead of a must-have. 

On top of all that, the price is pretty good too.

M550 Series

This series has 14 bold highlighted marketing terms, although three of them are just TV modes. 

This series, in terms of features, can actually stand toe-to-toe with the flagship Z770 thanks to great display and sound features. In fact, you may find it even more appealing thanks to its various size options and lower price range.

Price & Availability

Toshiba’s flagship Ultra HD 4K TV Z770 series

  • 65” RRP at RM6,999

Toshiba’s Premium Ultra HD 4K TV M550

  • 65” RRP at RM4,999
  • 55” RRP at RM3,999
  • 50” RRP at RM2,999

Toshiba TV Malaysia did not specify when these TVs would be available. Keep an eye on their Shopee and Lazada page for that. 

For a closer look at the tech, visit the Toshiba TV Malaysia Facebook page.

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