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A Family That Updates Their Devices Together Sometimes End Up Fighting

A Family That Updates Their Devices Together Sometimes End Up Fighting

Some people enjoy their time away from the screen while updating. Some continue elsewhere.

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How often do you and your family keep your devices up to date with the latest patches, apps, and fixes? It’s more important to keep your devices up to date than ever. And it is not just because of security.

Lax with your updates and you might not be able to check in when you leave the house to get groceries, or worse, miss a vaccine appointment alert. You also need the most current version of your shopping app to get the latest promotion. Miss out on that social media app update and you might just miss out on the latest filters too.

Let’s all update together

According to a study commissioned by Kaspersky, the act of updating devices has become a family affair.

More than half of their respondents (62%) with families said that children and elderly relatives need help with updating devices.

It also says that while updating their devices, which sometimes can take a while, most folks do something else to relax, like watch TV or read a book. However, some folks just continue what they were doing on other devices or make some food or drink.


“Because almost all members of modern families use gadgets, installing updates becomes a real family affair. The research results show that practically all family members are involved in this process to some extent,” noted Marina Titova, Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky.

“We see that more than a third (35%) of respondents even argue with family members about the importance of updates, which probably shows how seriously users take the safety of themselves and their loved ones online”.

She added that timely installation of updates helps to not only gain access to new functions and interfaces but also to maintain a high level of device security.

This will keep the personal data of all family members safe, as well as ensure the fast and optimal operation of all devices.


Kapersky commissioned independent market research agency Savanta with an online survey in April of more than 15,000 respondents.

The sample included 1,000 respondents from the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain; and 500 from the USA, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Romania, UAE, Turkey, South Africa, China, India, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Russia.

All respondents used a PC, smartphone or tablet for either their personal or work lives and 76% of the respondents were currently employed.

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