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You Can Now Have Full Copyright Ownership Over Your Images On Social Media And Take Down Reposts

You Can Now Have Full Copyright Ownership Over Your Images On Social Media And Take Down Reposts

Copyright infringement is a headache to deal with online.

Anne Dorall

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Copyright is a tenacious thing on social media due to how easy it is to “steal” and repost content. Many content creators often have their content, whether it be images, pictures, videos, or even gifs, taken and reposted elsewhere.

Content creators who share their work online regularly have to grapple with reposters who may be reposting such content unintentionally (shared to an outside audience without credit) or maliciously (shared on another account for internet fame while deliberately cropping out artist watermark and passing it off as original).

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To artists, song-writers, and even meme-creators who regularly post their original content online, having their work stolen isn’t new, but it’s frustrating and angering each time. Additionally, most social media platforms are slow at taking down offending posts and accounts, if they even do so.

However, finally, Facebook has stepped up to provide a platform-wide protection for content creators so reposting without credit will be a thing of the past.

According to a recent announcement, Facebook’s new Rights Manager will use image matching technology to help creators and publishers protect and manage all their image content.

This means that all original images uploaded by content creators will have exclusive rights by them, and duplicates or reposts found on other accounts or profiles will be taken down.

Yes, you can even copyright your children’s artistic scribbles if you wish it.
(Credit: Freepik)

Facebook Page admins must first apply for rights to the content they have created on Rights Manager, applicable on both the Facebook platform as well as Instagram.

The Rights Manager will then use the image-matching technology to find matching content on these platforms. Additional ownership settings can be applied to content worldwide or only in specific locations.

Soon, copyright infringement and stealing content could be a thing of the past, so for all you budding content creators out there: take note and know your rights!

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