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You Have To Update Zoom By 30 May To Continue Using The Application
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You Have To Update Zoom By 30 May To Continue Using The Application

Hakim Hassan

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If you’re using Zoom, you might want to update the application by 30 May to continue using the service.

The company released a new version of the teleconferencing app which includes security updates which the company said provides added protection for meeting data and greater resistance to tampering.

Picture Credit: Zoom

With the update, some might notice that a new encryption option which allows users to:

  • Unlock/lock meetings
  • Enable/disable waiting rooms
  • Enable/disable in-meeting chat
  • Enable/disable participant renaming
  • Enable/disable screen sharing
  • Remove a participant
  • Report a participant

Also, the company stated that hosts now can decide between ending or leaving a meeting and if the host leaves, those who are still in the chat can select a new host and that person will have the host privileges.

The update also would also give the power to the user to accept or decline the request of the host to unmute a Zoom Room.

You can download the new version here.

Zoom has been subject to controversy after security breaching issues were reported that affected some 500,000 users.

It recently gained prominence as a go-to teleconferencing app, becoming one of the preferred platforms for video calls especially for large group of people.

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