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You Can Use Your e-Tunai Rakyat On Huatever You Want With Grab

You Can Use Your e-Tunai Rakyat On Huatever You Want With Grab

For those who celebrate Chinese New Year, the distribution of the RM30 e-Tunai Rakyat by the Malaysian Ministry of Finance (MOF) couldn’t have come at a better time. 

The weeks leading up to the festival is when we expect to spend the most, what with all the Chinese New Year shopping for clothes, cookies, and food for reunion dinner. RM30 isn’t a lot, but a little bit can go a long way – especially with Grab’s Huatever Chinese New Year promos.

Upgrade your GrabPay Wallet before 15 January 2020 to be eligible for the e-Tunai Rakyat redemption

The upgrading process will take about two working days. This can be done by tapping on the “Upgrade Now” button on your Grab app’s “Payment” tab. 

(Credit: Grab)

You’ll be asked to take photos of the front and back of your MyKad, as well as a selfie, for verification purposes. Once the upgrade is successful, your wallet limit will be increased to RM1,500 and you’ll be able to transfer money to your friends via GrabPay.

When the e-Tunai Rakyat is ready for redemption, launch the Grab app and tap on the “Claim It Now” button. A final round of identity verification is required, and you should receive the RM30 in no more than five days.

The e-Tunai Rakyat can only be redeemed by Malaysians aged 18 and above with an annual income of not more than RM100,000.

Now you can use your RM30 on ‘huatever’ you want

The great thing about redeeming the MOF e-Tunai Rakyat with Grab is that you can use it for pretty much everything you need. 

(Credit: Esther Chung/TRP)

Aside from their popular ride-hailing and food delivery services, the Grab app allows you to use the RM30 to:

  • Pay your utility bills;
  • Top up your phone prepaid plans;
  • Deliver documents and parcels;
  • Have your groceries and snacks delivered; and even
  • Hire cleaners or any home service providers.

Here are our suggestions on how you can use the RM30 to prepare for Chinese New Year

1. Clear all the dust and dirt (and bad luck) from your house

(Credit: iLife Post)

Spring cleaning is especially important for the Chinese, and it must be done before Chinese New Year. 

To help you with this, Grab is giving out discounted cleaning services coupons through their Clean & Fix Huatever Coupon Book. The coupon book costs RM8, which gives you six coupons that saves you up to RM138 on all cleaning services available on Grab’s Clean & Fix function.

The importance of spring cleaning is perfectly described by an old Chinese idiom – sending off the old to usher in the new (送旧迎新). The first day of Chinese New Year is seen as the start of a new beginning, and it’s always good to start afresh without any baggage from the past. 

Plus, it’s just cleaner this way. If you’re not doing it for luck, then at least do it for hygiene purposes.

2. Stock up on cookies and snacks

You can’t have friends over for Chinese New Year and not serve them snacks. 

Stock up on cookies and bakkwa from Oloiya, Hou Sek Gourmet Snacks, Cookies by Yusa, and more with GrabMart. You can enjoy a 28% discount by shopping for these on GrabMart (key in the promo code <HUAT28> upon checkout), and you don’t even need to drive to the mall for these!

3. Shop for your #Chor1 to #Chor15 look

Because you need to win this year’s #OOTD game.

A few online stores are offering discounts and rebates if you pay using GrabPay. Use the <GRABHUATEVER> promo code to get 28% off your total spend on Zalora; and just checkout using GrabPay on Hermo to get RM8 rebate for all your beauty products. 

4. Grab a yee sang for luck

(Credit: Grab)

What’s Chinese New Year without yee sang? 

You’ll be spoilt for choice on GrabFood as there are more than 60 stores that you can order yee sang from. There’s traditional yee sang from restaurants like Dragon-i, healthy versions like those from La Juiceria Superfoods, and fusion options from eateries like An Viet. 

Just remember to say auspicious phrases when you toss your yee sang!

Also, all your GrabPay transactions will earn you GrabReward Points

Each ringgit spent via GrabPay Wallet will earn you 3 GrabReward Points. Depending on your membership tier, you’ll be getting at least 135 points from using your e-Tunai Rakyat!

These points can be used to redeem vouchers to subsidise your Grab rides and GrabFood orders; as well as free food, drinks, and airline miles.

You can only redeem the e-Tunai Rakyat from one e-wallet

Every eligible Malaysian can only redeem the RM30 incentive once through one chosen e-wallet. This is why Grab and the other e-wallets are required to verify users’ identities, so that their eligibility can be cross-checked with the National Registration Department (JPN). 

You should also fully utilise the RM30 before 14 March 2020 as that’s when the incentive expires. After 14 March, any balance from the RM30 will be transferred out of your GrabPay Wallet.

Since you only get to redeem the RM30 once, be sure to use the e-wallet that best suit your needs and lifestyle for it.

This article is sponsored by Grab, the everyday everything app for every Malaysian. Download the app today to redeem your e-Tunai Rakyat.

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