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Samsung Galaxy Note10 & Note10+ are powerhouse smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Note10 & Note10+ are powerhouse smartphones


If you haven’t been living under a rock then you should already know that Samsung just released the best and most advanced smartphones to date; the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+.

Looking absolutely stunning with their aluminium and glass designs, and jam-packed with awesome features, they’re definitely big beautiful phones.

I mean just look at this gorgeous thing!

(Image Credit: Samsung)

Besides sporting a state-of-the-art triple-camera setup that’s equipped with standard, ultrawide, and telephoto cameras which let you take amazing shots.

(Image Credit: Samsung)

The phones are also versatile devices with the mighty S-Pen that add further uses to the Note10 and Note10+.

And it really does show up with that power!

If you’re looking for a phone that will last you from dawn to dusk, then either the Note10 or Note10+ is the device for you.

Carrying a larger than average 3,500mAh battery for the Note10 and a 4,300mAh battery for the Note10+, coupled with its smart battery management, these phones will have you powered up and running all day long without worry.

Plus, (pun intended…) with super-fast charging you can have them fully loaded in a snap!

The Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ also surprise users with its power-sharing feature which quite literally lets you share and charge other devices when you’re in a pinch!

(Image Credit: Samsung)

As far as performance goes, the Note10 and Note10+ both rock at least 8GB of RAM which makes for a smoother than ever work and play experience, letting you multitask with all your hearts might.

You can be texting, playing high-quality games and music streaming in the background with no lag!

(Image Credit: imgflip)

Storage wouldn’t be a problem for this phone too.

The Galaxy Note10 already comes with an incredible 256GB of internal storage, while the Note10+ can have up to a generous  512GB of internal storage.

So you can keep on taking those amazing pictures and selfies and download a whole season of your favourite show without worrying about running out of space.

(Image Credit: MEME)

Looking at the phone as a whole, it is definitely THE daily driver to have to complete your modern on the go lifestyle.

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