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Malaysia’s very own humanoid AI robot, ADAM

Malaysia’s very own humanoid AI robot, ADAM

So if you didn’t know already, recently Sophia, the humanoid robot had a chance to mingle with Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad the Beyond Paradigm Summit.

While the Chinese made fem-bot had been making waves across the globe for the last couple of years…

Little did we know that Malaysia too has its own advanced artificial intelligence (AI) humanoid robot!

The Advanced Development Autonomous Machine or ADAM for short is said to be the nation’s first-ever android!

(Image Credit: Know Your Meme)

The Daft Punk-looking robot which comes equipped with a space-age head visor for a face, standing at about 5 feet tall and weighing some 40 kilograms, was brought to life just this March 2019.

Developed by a local robotics company Robopreneur Sdn Bhd, ADAM is capable of communicating and interacting with humans by way of voice detection and recognition enabled by its high-tech AI brain.

The automaton is capable of a range of upper body movement and mobility and can even move its fingers.

ADAM was developed as part of a five-year project as a contributing initiative to the country’s IR4.0 vision – Industry 4.0 is part of Malaysia’s fourth industrial revolution plan to bring the country into the modern age through technological advancements.

The machine’s development is part of a three-step plan to create a fully functioning and multi-capable humanoid robot akin to Sophia.

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

He’s still in phase one for now…

The second phase would be focused solely on developing and completing his robot body.

(Image Credit: Know Your Meme)

But soon, in his third phase, ADAM’s development will include him with more advanced quirks like machine learning algorithms so that he could interact more naturally with human beings with features such as visual recognition and even some emotional intelligence.

(Image Credit: Quick Meme)

ADAM’s creators even envisioned the robot having a distinctive “Malaysian face”, turning it into an iconic symbol of Malaysia’s push towards the future.

(Image Credit: Juice)

The company also has plans to mass-produce ADAM, possibly making it available in multiple fields and industries across the country and perhaps the world.

Who knows, maybe soon we would get to see a bunch of walking, talking ADAMs’ about in the streets of KL.

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