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5 future tech we need in Malaysia right now

5 future tech we need in Malaysia right now

Apparently, Malaysia is ripe for new innovations and game-changing businesses, according to associate Director of Vickers Venture Partners Terence Sim at the premiere tech conference Wild Digital 2019.

The panel discussing Malaysia’s potential for serious market growth.
(Picture credit: TRP)

Southeast Asia is now at a situation very similar to where China was 10 years ago: at the cusp of global domination a skyrocketing market for unicorn companies.

If that’s really true, it means that there is untapped potential for all the better things that can be introduced in our lives. Such as…

1. Convenience store delivery

Yes, we know, there are food-delivery services and drone delivery services. But sometimes we don’t want just food. Sometimes, we just really, really need that Mentos delivered to our door.


Despite what they’re named, sometimes convienience stores aren’t… super convenient. At the very least they always require a walk. (Who even does that anymore?)

2. An app to track buses in real time

We’re living in 2019 and Malaysian buses still run like it’s 2009. We can’t blame them for delays because we know the traffic is a nightmare. What we do want is an actual reliable way to track where these buses are.


Probably the worst feeling is sitting at a bus stop wondering if you should just walk to your destination and then right as you leave, 2 buses on the exact same route show up. Why lah like that.

3. Food and health diary

We all just really need a super simple easy way to track your health. Take a snapshot of everything you eat and drink, then an app magically tracks exactly how many calories were consumed.

Anyone who has tried to track calories knows how difficult it is, especially with Malaysian food! How much is one serving? How many calories does a banana leaf rice have? What if I ordered extra dhal? What if I asked for teh tarik kurang manis? Life is hard enough as it is, it’s even more difficult when you add math to food.


Bonus if it also lists all your dietary recommendations for the best health and goals.

4. Jarvis (or, an actual smart home)

I said what I said. We all need our personal Jarvis to rant to. “Jarvis, watch the houseplants and don’t let them die.” Automated scheduled plant watering. “Javis, cook my breakfast.” Perfectly fluffy roti telur prepped in the kitchen. “Jarvis, restock the fridge.” Groceries scheduled for delivery straight to your house.

Like Alexa but literally 3000x better.


5. Real life “Facebook”

It’s a life-saver for everyone with anxiety. We want fancy glasses that can recognise faces and tell us who we’re talking to. Like Black Mirror, but way less creepy.


Anyone who has ever panicked about saying the wrong name or forgetting faces can understand the urgency of needing this technology available immediately.

We as a human race should have evolved past human gaffes. Hopefully just like how memorising phone numbers is a thing of the past, we can slowly forget about trying to remember names too.

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