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Malaysia’s first food delivery service via drones is (almost) here!

Malaysia’s first food delivery service via drones is (almost) here!

At the end of June, a service called ‘Express Food’  is going to be offering FOOD DELIVERY VIA DRONES to Cyberjaya residents.

‘Express Food’ drones
(Pic Credit: Berita Harian)

The ‘Express Food’ service will use a six-propeller drone manufactured by a local company involved in the drone industry; Average Drone.

Imagine all that flying goodness!


Being Malaysians, which means food is always a priority, this is the best news we can hear from the tech industry ever!

Especially when the expected time for food to arrive to your doorstep from the time you order your food is only a mere 12 minutes regardless of rain or shine. Though maybe not during a heavy downpour .

Goodbye 30 minute guaranteed delivery!


During the three-month trial the company collaborating with Average Drone Sdn Bhd, Futurise Bhd, will be offering a limited selection of food items.

Each food delivery trip will only cost RM2.50 with a selection of 7 types of food including noodles, rice, burgers, sandwiches, kuih and fruits.

Well, that’s more than enough!


For now, these drones can only accommodate packages up to 800 grammes in weight, and will only deliver food in a radius of only 2 kilometres from the Futurise building.

But if this project is a success, Average Drone Chief Executive Officer, Hamdee Hamdan has promised to modify the drones further.

By the way, if you do see food flying around that’s not yours, please don’t kacau it!


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