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TikTok – Not just another fad

TikTok – Not just another fad

What’s the “thing” for the children of today? It’s an app from Chinese Internet technology company ByteDance called TikTok.

Here are three groups of people who should be keeping an eye on it.

1. For Talented Malaysians

Once upon a time, people made it big by singing on YouTube. Remember Justin Beiber?


Today, TikTok is where the stars of tomorrow are being found.

In 15 seconds, Wahida “Ai Wahida” Amalin Atan, grabbed the attention of record label executives at Rusa Music and she’s now set to release her own single.

Her participation in 1 Million Audition (Malaysia) on TikTok gained fans and fame in “record” time.

Maybe someone reading this will do the same in the next round?

2. For Malaysian Parents

TikTok claims it’s suitable for 12 years-old and up, but this is still the internet we’re talking about.

Parents have to be aware and alert to what their children do online.


The best way to do that is learn about and understand the app and what it allows your children to do.

There will always be dangers online from all kinds of creeps on the internet who could contact your child.

3. For the Malaysian Businesses

Here’s a word for businesses: Advertising.

TikTok is one of the world’s largest apps in the number of downloads and users.

Most importantly, it can reach all of the tech-savvy generations from a 1990’s kid through to the post-millennial.

It’s not going away and it will definitely be one of the advertising platforms of the future.

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