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We Tried Santan’s Nasi Lemak Ice Cream So You Don’t Have To

We Tried Santan’s Nasi Lemak Ice Cream So You Don’t Have To

The nasi lemak ice cream has a combination of sweet and savoury taste.

Melissa Suraya Ismail

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Santan has been making headlines with their Nasi Lemak On-The-Go. It’s packed in an iconic triangle box and it’s only around RM5.

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They’re actually well known for their Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser, served at their restaurants as well as their in-flight AirAsia menu.

But what’s unique about Santan is, they even have a Nasi Lemak ice cream! The DEDICATION.

Since we love trying weird stuff, we gave this Nasi Lemak Ice Cream a try. It sounds traumatising tbh but you never know until you try.

The Taste Test

Their Nasi Lemak Ice Cream has the signature Pak Nasser’s sambal, coupled with creamy coconut ice cream, crispy anchovies and crunchy peanuts. It’s a perfect blend of sweet and savoury taste. Or so they say.

All that we tasted for our first scoop was Pak Nasser’s sambal. The strong flavour of the sambal dominated the whole thing. The sambal itself actually has a combination of sweet, sour and savoury taste. It’s not really spicy, perfect for those who cannot withstand the heat.

(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

The coconut ice cream tasted literally like sweet coconut milk (santan) ice cream. The creaminess and saltiness complements each other. But we did got a little bit jelak when we finished the two large scoops.

Overall, the coconut ice cream and sambal tasted quite weird together. It’s like eating a sweet cold nasi lemak.

The Verdict

We would say that that’s the last time we would order this ice cream… It is unique, yes, but it’s more of an acquired taste.

I would personally give this a 4/10. We ended up finishing the coconut ice cream and leaving the sambal out.

(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

The sambal doesn’t really go well with the sweet and creamy coconut ice cream. But the peanuts and anchovies surprisingly do. Glad they didn’t throw an egg in there too or it’ll just be too weird. But it’s not impossible though.

So, for us, we think you should visit Santan for their Nasi Lemak and other interesting menu. Their Nasi Padang Rendang is a must-try, btw. The Nasi Lemak Ice Cream, that’s not for the faint of heart.

But it all depends on everyone’s personal taste. Maybe you should try it, who knows, you might like it.

The ice cream is priced for RM4.50 for two scoops. They’re selling their Gula Melaka Boba Ice Cream too right now if you wanna have a go. For more info on Santan’s menu, visit their Facebook and Instagram.

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