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7 Places For Prawn Mee You Should Try In PJ & KL

7 Places For Prawn Mee You Should Try In PJ & KL

There’s nothing like a rich, briny broth packed with shrimpy umami flavours!

Anne Dorall

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Prawn mee is an umami-packed soup noodle dish made primarily with shrimp heads for a rich briny broth, usually with a hint of orange.

It is also known as Hokkien mee to Penang locals, who are adamant that the KL version of ‘Hokkien mee’, a thick black dry noodle dish similar to udon, is a crime against humanity.

Although both noodle dishes share the same name, they are vastly different dishes. So to be clear, we are talking about Penang-style prawn mee. And luckily, you won’t actually need to visit Penang to satisfy your craving: there are plenty of authentic prawn mee eateries right here in the Klang Valley.

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1. Kam Heong Coffee Shop, PJ New Town

This particular stall has been operating for well over a decade in Kam Heong Coffee Shop. The broth here is thick and richly flavoured with a generous heaping of toppings, including fat baby prawns, thinly sliced pork, whole boiled egg, and kangkung. Add in sambal for an extra layer of flavour, it’s not actually spicy.

The rich red broth of prawn mee at Kam Heong Coffee Shop.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Oftentimes you will need to wait for a table to open up, but this usually does not take too long. This place is also extremely popular with the lunchtime office crowd for takeaway.

Kam Heong Coffee Shop
No. 8, Jalan Tengah, Bandar Baru Petaling Jaya, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours
Open daily 6.30pm – sold out (usually by 1pm)

2. Prawn Noodle King, OUG

Prawn Noodle King follows the recipe of Seang Lim Hokkien Mee, which was hailed as the Prawn Mee King back in the 1980s in Penang. Now, they have a few outlets in the Klang Valley, with more on the way, but the first is this branch in OUG.

Their prawn mee features an authentic red broth, but they also have a very wide variety of options to change up a classic recipe. Choose from lobster, roast pork, fried tofu, pork ribs, and more.

Prawn Noodle King is a proper restaurant, not a hawker stall.
(Credit: Google Maps)

This place is a standalone restaurant, not a hawker stall, so its prices also reflects that too.

Prawn Noodle King
4, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3, Taman Overseas Union, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
Weekdays (except Thursday) 9am-3pm, 6pm-9pm
Weekends 9am-9pm

3. Choon Prawn Mee House, Taman Paramount

Choon Prawn Mee House started off as a hawker stall before moving into their own brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Here, the broth lies on the sweet side, but not overwhelmingly so. It is still rich with briny shrimp broth. Fans of offal would love this place as their signature traditional prawn mee comes with pork intestines.

Choon Prawn Mee House is pretty generous with their toppings.
(Credit: Kar Woh Lon/Google Maps)

You can get add-on toppings such as abalone skin, pork skin, squid, big prawns, and more. Or, upgrade for more luxurious versions with lots and lots of toppings. They also serve other Penang specialties such as Loh Mee, or get a bowl of mixed prawn mee and loh mee broth for the best of both worlds.

Choon Prawn Mee House
13, Jalan 20/14, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours:
Weekdays (except Thursday) 8am-4pm
Weekends 8am-4.30pm

4. Lim Mee Yoke, Taman Bahagia

Lim Mee Yoke has been part of the community for years, serving up bowls of flavourful prawn mee that’s simply delicious. The broth is on the lighter side, but still full of good flavour and body. The sambal provided here is not spicy, so feel free to add more.

Like other prawn mee restaurants, you can choose to add on more toppings. Most popular is the pork ribs, but you can also add pork intestine, wantan, meat balls, or even pork blood if you’re fond of offal.

A classic bowl of prawn mee at Lim Mee Yoke.
(Credit: Nicholas Yang/Google Maps)

The restaurant is decent but not particularly big, which means you may need to wait for a table if it’s busy. However, the restaurant is clean and service is prompt, so you won’t need to wait long.

Lim Mee Yoke
14, Jalan SS 2/10, Taman Bahagia, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours:
Friday – Wednesday 9am-4pm
Thursday 9am-3.30pm

5. Restoran Kenki Food Court, Taman Midah

This hawker stall is inside Kenki Food Court in Taman Midah. The hawker center is newly renovated and is comfortable and cool.

The prawn mee stall is also quite new, but their broth has surprising depth and complexity. The flavours here have been tweaked to be a touch more salty instead of sweet.

The portions here are huge and they are extremely generous with their toppings, so just a regular size will definitely fill you up.

The portions here are fairly huge, so go with a regular bowl to start with.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Restoran Kenki Food Court
Lot 19382, Jalan Midah 5, Taman Midah, 56000 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
Open daily 8.30am-3pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

6. Uncle Keong Noodle Stall, Taman Desa

This humble stall is no-frills: you are here for Uncle Keong’s noodles, and that is what you will get. It is literally set up on the roadside, although the surroundings are quite enjoyable with cool air and plenty of trees.

Most popular here is actually the curry laksa, which is quite limited. Still, the prawn mee and wanton mee are fan favourites too. The flavours here are quite light and mildly sweet, but its major selling point is the homely taste that simply feels welcoming.

Uncle Keong’s prawn mee is quite light, but refreshing.
(Credit: Joseph Ong/Google Maps)

Parking here is quite abundant as this stall is hidden away in a residential area, but there is a steady stream of regulars and locals who come for a great bowl of noodles in the morning.

Uncle Keong Noodle Stall
Lorong Jurga, Petaling Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
Wednesday – Monday 8am-3pm (Closed on Tuesday)

7. Soon Lee Prawn Mee, Sungai Mas

This old stall has been here for over 3 decades, serving the likes of old movie stars and locals alike.

The broth retains its traditional taste with a sweet rich fragrance of prawns. It is not overly rich or heavy, and is instead simply a great bowl of prawn mee.

A hearty bowl of a classic.
(Credit: Daryl Lau/Google Maps)

Parking here is difficult and the stall is often very packed at peak hours. Still, this place opens relatively late, so it’s a nice place to drop by even if you’re craving prawn mee late at night.

Soon Lee Prawn Mee
34, 22, Jalan Batu Ambar, Taman Kok Lian, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 2-9pm (Closed on Monday)

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