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Marrybrown’s New K-Crunch Chicken Has A Surprisingly Sweet Kick [Review]

Marrybrown’s New K-Crunch Chicken Has A Surprisingly Sweet Kick [Review]

Their K-Crunch chicken is inspired from the tastes of Korea with their Ganjeong sauce.

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Back at it again with their Around The World journey, Marrybrown is now introducing flavours from South Korea called the K-Crunch Menu.

Previously serving customers with their Oishii Japan Menu that features their teriyaki + wasabi sauce, now, they’re tantalising our tastebuds with the spicy Ganjeong sauce from Korea.

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Excited about their taste from around the world journey, I decided to give the Korean-inspired dishes a try.

(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

Their new menu consists of:

  • 2-pc K-Crunch Chicken Combo (RM20.90)
  • K-Crunch’s Chicken Burger Combo (RM16.90)
  • K-Crunch Box Meal (RM26.50)
  • Kimchi Rice Bowl Combo (RM13.10)
  • K-Crunch Chicken Dumpling and Cheesy Sausage (from RM7.90)

The Taste Test

I wanted to taste a little bit of everything so I got the K-Crunch Box Meal and the Kimchi Rice Bowl Combo. In the K-Crunch Box Meal, you’ll get a K-Crunch Chicken Burger, 1-pc K-Crunch Chicken, 2-pc Chicken Dumplings, French Fries and a K-Fizz drink.

For the Kimchi Rice Bowl, you’ll get kimchi-flavoured rice with boiled eggs and some K-Crunch chicken bits along with the K-Fizz drink. I upgraded the drink to their new Milo Boba because I wanted something different.

(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

So I gave their K-Fizz drink a sip first and it honestly just tastes like punch. K-Fizz is a carbonated drink with yuzu (citrus fruit) and passion fruit. It’s sweet and citrusy.

For the second drink, the Milo Boba tastes like your regular vending machine milo with plain boba pearls. Not that recommended.

The chicken dumpling (left) and K-Crunch Chicken (right).
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

Moving on to their Box Meal, their chicken dumpling is quite good. It’s crunchy (feels like crumbly pastry) on the outside and savoury on the inside with juicy chicken fillings.

The chicken just tastes like their regular chicken but is topped off with a generous amount of the Ganjeong sauce. It’s crunchy and juicy at the same time. You’ll taste the intense flavours of the sauce here.

For the burger, the appearance is kinda meh but when I took a bite of it, I swear to god, I instantly smiled. The charcoal bun is so soft. The chicken is quite tender and juicy.

(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

Moreover, the sauce is a magnificent combination of sweet and savoury flavours. The spicy kick shows up as the aftertaste. The spicy sauce is actually quite sweet and not really that spicy.

Next, the kimchi rice is made with Calrose rice mixed with the kimchi paste. It has tiny carrots in it which I like. However, the rice is a bit sour thanks to the kimchi taste. I would actually love it if they give more of the Ganjeong sauce in there.

(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

The Verdict

Overall, I’d give the K-Crunch Chicken Burger a 9/10. I really love the sweet and spicy flavours of the sauce paired with the soft bun and chewy chicken. It’s fabulous and you should definitely give this a try.

However, I feel like the size of the burger is quite small. You can be full if you get the combo, but if you have it ala carte, it’s just a snack that’s gonna be gone in 4 bites.

Furthermore, I wouldn’t order the rice again though as I’m not a very big fan of Kimchi. I also hope they’d give me more of that sauce with the rice as it just goes with anything (chicken, rice, dumpling). Heck, you can even eat the sauce with your regular plain rice.

(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail / TRP)

I do not recommend getting the Milo Boba though unless you just wanna have something to chew on with your Milo.

So, go and get your taste of Korea with Marrybrown’s new K-Crunch meal. They’re available at all Marrybrown outlets in Malaysia only for a limited time so don’t miss out!

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