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Pepper Lunch Launches Grand Plan To Expand Sizzling Meals [Review]

Pepper Lunch Launches Grand Plan To Expand Sizzling Meals [Review]

Pepper Lunch is best known for their beef rice meals that cooks on a hot plate in front of you.

Anne Dorall

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Lovers of Pepper Lunch can celebrate as the Japanese “fast steak” restaurant chain is going to expand very quickly so that everyone can try the sizzling peppery hot plate meals!

If you’re not familiar with Pepper Lunch, they serve a sizzling dining experience on an iron plate that remains hot at 80C for more than 20 minutes. This allows you to indulge in a bit of “DIY cooking” that results in plenty of delicious crispy meat and rice bits.

What you’re served vs what you eat.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Pepper Lunch is a fun dining experience for the senses, first with its crackling and sizzling sounds as your dish is brought to you. Feast your eyes on the vibrant colours of the fresh meat, corn, and spring onions. Then, its aroma hits you as the special butter melts and the fat from the meat cooks. You’ll need to quickly mix the whole thing for it to cook evenly, and feel free to add dashes of garlic honey sauce or more cracked pepper.

Pick from a base of rice or pasta with your selection of meat: beef, chicken, or seafood. Malaysia’s Pepper Lunch is fully Halal and in the process of obtaining their Halal certificiation from Jakim.

It’s a great fun meal for the whole family, although you may want to keep an eye on younger children as the hotplate can get quite hot.

A generous portion of cheese sauce is cooked with the pasta for a creamy and umami meal.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Although Pepper Lunch isn’t new in Malaysia, the newer chain of restaurants will be run by Indonesia’s Boga Group as the Master Franchisee in Malaysia, and they have big plans to expand quickly.

The grand launch at KL East Mall is just the beginning of their expansion. In fact, their next outlet is in Cameron Highlands and will open very soon, in mid-October. Other confirmed outlets are at Main Place Mall in Subang and at Gurney Paragon Mall in Penang, which will open by end of 2022.

Other planned outlets will open in Johor Bharu, Ipoh, Terengganu, and other states in West Malaysia.

Look out for a new Pepper Lunch outlet near you!
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

When asked, Boga Group’s President Director Mr Kusnadi explained that the franchise will be focusing on building Pepper Lunch as restaurants with a full menu. Boga Group also has no relation to Pepper Lunch Express, which operates on a smaller scale in food courts.

We are excited to be collaborating with Boga Group to continuously grow our presence in Malaysia. We believe that their experience of being the Master Franchisee in Indonesia will benefit us and guide us in the right direction for more customers to enjoy the much-loved Pepper Rice.

Goh Ching Mun, Director of Pepper Lunch Malaysia

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