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Pizza Hut’s 1m-Long Pizza Is A Party For All [Review]

Pizza Hut’s 1m-Long Pizza Is A Party For All [Review]

The Long Party Box is features 3 different flavours for up to 10pax.

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Pizza Hut’s 1-meter-long pizza has been around for a while, housed specifically in a long box, good for a party of up to 10 people.

In fact, this “Long Party Box” was made exactly for that, inspired by the post-pandemic desire to dine together in big groups again.

According to Chief Marketing Officer Emily Chong, Pizza Hut wanted to create something special for just this type of occasion.

Although pizza have long been regarded as ‘party food’, does the long shape live up to its hype?

The Long Wait

The best part about having a pizza party is telling everyone else that there’s a pizza party. The excitement was palpable as everyone waited for the pizza to arrive, clearing tables and readying their cameras.

The box itself really is 100cm long. Yes, we got a tape measure to check.
(Credit: TRP)

When the pizza finally arrived, it was to a loud chorus of ‘wow’s and applause. It did make for a formidable sight: the pizza definitely needed to carried carefully with two hands or it would dip in the middle from the weight.

The fun part was taking pictures and posing with the long pizza, because secretly everyone still enjoys giant food.

A pizza longer than the writer herself.
(Credit: TRP)

The Long Pizza

Much like what it advertises, the Long Party Box comes in a 1-meter long box. The pizza is a long rectangular shape made of 3 flavours of pizza and 3 flavours of dipping sauces.

The pizza is not actually baked as a long 1-meter giant pie, but rather three rectangular pizzas joined together. However, the effect is quite seamless and impressive, especially when served.

A slice of Chicken Pepperoni pizza together with the 2 sauces: barbecue, Thousand Island, and chili sauce.
(Credit: TRP)

Taste-wise, the Long Party Box is exactly the same as the usual round pizzas. However, with the square edges, the toppings are more evenly spread and perfect for sharing. There are 8 square slices of pizza per flavour, which means that each Long Party Box has 24 slices of pizza, which is good for up to 10 pax.

This Long Party Box is only available in Pizza Hut restaurants or as a take-away item, and is not available for delivery (unless you arrange it yourself).

The Long Party Box is currently available for RM99 and is a permanent addition to their menu, but Pizza Hut is also running a limited-time promotion of free-flow soft drinks for 10 pax for an additional RM10, only available in-stores.

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