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Knowhere Bangsar’s ‘Mewah Tanah Airku’ Menu Highlights Lovely Malaysian Flavours [Review]

Knowhere Bangsar’s ‘Mewah Tanah Airku’ Menu Highlights Lovely Malaysian Flavours [Review]

The slipper lobster is certainly something different from the usual Malaysian dishes.

Adeline Leong

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Don’t want to watch the National Day parade in the city and get caught in the traffic? You can still celebrate our 65th National Day with good food at Knowhere Bangsar.

This Merdeka, Knowhere Bangsar introduces the ‘Mewah Tanah Airku’ ala carte menu featuring two new and unique versions of the classic surf and turf infused with traditional Malaysian flavours.

The menu, showcasing a luxurious spread of meats from the land and sea, celebrates the growth our nation has gone through and the people of different backgrounds who had come together to ensure this growth.

Tasting both delicious platters

G-lamb-orous Lobster at Knowhere Bangsar. Image: Adeline Leong/ TRP

The ‘Mewah Tanah Airku’ menu consists of two ala carte platters: G-lamb-orous Lobster and Prawn to be LegenDairy.

The star in G-lamb-orous Lobster is none other than the delicious slipper lobster thermidors. The dish is accompanied by classic masak kicap lamb ribs with mini nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaves.

The slipper lobster was very juicy and fresh. It’s cooked with the masak lemak sauce and the extra flavours don’t overwhelm the taste of the lobster.

The masak kicap lamb ribs we had probably needed to be cooked longer because it was tough and chewy. However, the flavours of the dish were still lip-smacking good.

Since it was a meat-heavy dish, the sauces such as air asam and gulai lemak complement the dish and act as a refreshing palate cleanser.

The nasi lemak might look small but trust us, they were more than enough in the huge platter.

Prawn to be LegenDairy and drinks at Knowhere Bangsar. Image: Adeline Leong/ TRP

If you want more spice in your day, the Prawn to be LegenDairy may be what you’re looking for.

Prawn to be LegenDairy features a grilled rump steak with percik prawns and nasi lemak goreng with sambal.

Most of the spice comes from the nasi lemak goreng with sambal. Luckily, the spiciness in the dish doesn’t overwhelm the taste of nasi lemak.

The percik prawns were sweet and fresh, perfect for all prawn lovers out there. It was also partially de-shelled so it makes for easy eating.

Last but not least, the rump steak that’s cooked with turmeric sauce completes the hearty meal.

Since both meals were rich in flavour, we ordered refreshing drinks such as Calamansi Fizz, Kim’s Chia-Me-Up, and Lemonade. The drinks were all good so the glasses were all empty at the end of the meal.

If we have a comment to add, we think the meal probably needed to add a vegetable dish such as the acar to balance out the meat-heavy dish.

It’s your turn to give it a try

Knowhere Bangsar. Image: Adeline Leong/ TRP

The ‘Mewah Tanah Airku’ menu serves 3 to 4 pax.

Each menu is available for RM268.80++ for dine-in only from 20 August 2022 until 18 September 2022. That means you can have it on Malaysia Day too if you book fast enough!

Dine-in bookings can be made via Whatsapp at +6010-2202358.

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