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Chips In Chicken: The KFC x Lay’s Is A Crunchfest

Chips In Chicken: The KFC x Lay’s Is A Crunchfest

The new collaboration features potato chips IN the fried chicken.

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KFC has just unveiled their latest collaboration with chips company Lay’s: Hot & Spicy fried chicken with a coating of crushed Lay’s BBQ chips!

Called the KFC x Lay’s Crunch BBQ flavoured Hot & Spicy fried chicken, this limited-time menu item is a mouthful in all senses of the word.

Previously, their collaboration with Lay’s gave us fried-chicken flavoured potato chips. This time, it’s potato-chip-coated fried chicken. Of course we had to give it a shot.

The Taste Test

The fried chicken looks just like the Hot & Spicy fried chicken, but with crushed pieces of potato chips in the outer coating. You can actually visibly pick out the ruffle chips on the chicken!

See that piece of ruffles chips?
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Taste-wise, it is everything you like about the Hot & Spicy chicken but crunchier. There is a touch more flavour to this thanks to the BBQ potato chips, but it definitely still tastes like fried chicken. (Just with a side of chips!)

Although I am usually ambivalent towards soft drinks, I found the lemonade to be really refreshing when paired with the stronger flavours of this chicken.

The Verdict

I was expecting something heavily flavoured and powdered with potato chip seasoning. Instead, I got a really crunchy fried chicken.

This is probably one of the best executed limited-time flavours of fried chicken I’ve tried, where you still get the great taste of KFC, but elevated with the undeniably satisfying crunchiness of the chips without being overwhelming.

The meal comes with your usual coleslaw, mashed potato, and a drink. (Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Both food items can get jelak very quickly, so balancing the two to be flavourful but not too much is crucial. The lemonade drink is also a pretty good pair as it helps to lighten up the heaviness of the flavours.

Whether you’re a fan of the Hot & Spicy chicken, crunchy potato chips, or both– you can probably give this a shot!

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