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Super Ring + Bubble Tea? We Try The Alley’s Latest New Drink

Super Ring + Bubble Tea? We Try The Alley’s Latest New Drink

The Alley’s new Super Cruncheese is an ice blended that combines Super Ring snacks & milk tea.

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Who doesn’t know Super Ring? The cheezy bright orange doughnut-shaped snack? The ones that we used to love as kids and still kinda do now (no judgements okay!).

Well, take a visit down memory lane with The Alley’s new ice-blended drink called Super Cruncheese! Yes, you heard that right, Super Ring and bubble tea (minus the bubbles) in one drink.

(Credit: TRP)

Priding itself with Malaysian roots, The Alley Malaysia has experimented with the nostalgic Malaysian snack and turned it into a beverage consisting of Super Ring snacks, milk, caramel sauce, and cane sugar.

What would that taste like? Instant regret or a eureka discovery? Let’s find out.

The Taste Test

They actually have steps on how to drink the beverage. It’s just simple steps like these:

  1. Take a bite of the Super Ring with the whipped cream
  2. Stir the drink three to five times
  3. Drink and enjoy it!
Bite, stir and sip!
(Credit: TRP)

Honestly, it is an insta-worthy drink. The top is decorated with three Super Rings, whipped cream and Super Ring crumbs. The savouriness and crunchiness of the Super Ring cheese pair perfectly well with the soft and creamy brown sugar whipped cream.

The ice blended, however, was a bit weird at first. It was a totally new sensation of savoury and salty cheese with sweet milk tea. It’s like dipping the Super Ring into a cold milk.

The savouriness gets to you first, then you’ll taste the original milk tea flavour afterwards. It was also really creamy and I got a bit too jelak half-way.

Additionally, you can definitely taste the Super Ring crumbs mixed in the drink. It adds a bit of crunchiness and fun to the already unique drink.

Ice blended, crunched Super Ring, whipping cream and then more Super Rings!
(Credit: TRP)

The Verdict

It honestly tasted quite odd to me. It’s like Super Ring, but in a cold liquid state. It’s a lot to handle, really. But, quite a fun and worthy one to try too.

I would say those with an acquired taste would love this and can finish the whole drink by themselves. For those who are wary, you should share this with your friends and maybe they’ll like it. Things just generally taste better when they’re shared anyway.

(Credit: TRP)

I especially love the topping, sweet whipped cream and Super Ring crumbs goes incredibly well with each other, I would say. The ice blended just tasted a bit off.

I personally wouldn’t give this another try but Super Ring lovers should definitely give this a sip.

I really wanted to taste this drink mainly because Super Ring gave me childhood nostalgia of fighting with my siblings for one packet of these. They were so precious and delicious for a kid! Literally like Gollum’s ‘My Precious’. So go try it out and maybe you’ll get a flashback of your childhood too.

The drink will be available from 15th August for a limited time at all The Alley outlets across Malaysia (except Genting Highlands) at RM18.90.

Try these with your friends and enjoy the quirkiness together!

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