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We Tried Sabweh’s New Curry Sekali Sub For This Merdeka & Malaysia Day [Review]

We Tried Sabweh’s New Curry Sekali Sub For This Merdeka & Malaysia Day [Review]

The limited edition Curry Sekali Sub by Subway is available for two months until 31st September.

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Our independence day is just around the corner and a lot of F&Bs are leveraging this to roll out their new menus or creation. Subway is not excluded, as well.

Celebrating the nation’s collective love of curry, Subway Malaysia is introducing their new Curry Sub to bring Malaysians together during these patriotic months.

So I decided to try out both of the new Curry Sekali Subs.

The Taste Test

There are two options for the curry sub, which are the Curry Sekali Chicken and the Curry Sekali Beef. For the chicken, they used the Breaded Chicken Cutlet while for the beef, they used the Steak & Cheese Beef bits.

The new cute wrapping (left). The prices of each sub (right).

The only difference for this new series is just the sauce. Who knew one sauce could play such a big part in the taste of the overall sandwich?

As I choose my veggies (I only went with lettuce) and came to the sauce section, I was surprised that the sandwich artist didn’t even ask me what type of sauces would I prefer. Turns out, the whole idea of the sub is to have one curry sauce!

They told me that other sauces could affect the original taste of the sub. Because I just wanted to try the new flavour, I agreed with just one sauce. The texture was quite dry, especially for the chicken.

The chicken sub kinda tastes a little dry.
(Credit: TRP)
The beef bits actually go pretty well with the thick curry sauce. It gives me the Kari Daging kinda vibe.
(Credit: TRP)

For the taste, well, it’s not your Nasi Kandar curry gravy for sure. It has more of a Japanese curry taste (thick texture) to it and the curry taste is quite overpowering. It kinda tastes like mustard at first but then the flavourful curry kick comes in. Your breath will smell like curry for hours!

The Verdict

Personally, I would say that I’m not really a good fan of both. The sauce is too strong for my liking.

The beef curry tastes better than the chicken one, for me. This is probably because the beef bits have more surface area to be covered in the curry sauce.

But if you like Japanese kinda curry (those thick brown curries), then this is actually for you. It’s no Nasi kandar curry but hey, it does pack quite a punch.

Curry Sekali Chicken
(Credit: TRP)
Curry Sekali Beef
(Credit: TRP)

For the sauce, you can actually add on whatever sauces you want but you probably won’t get the curry taste that much. They won’t stop you if you really want that mayo on that sandwich.

If you don’t want it to be dry, try asking for another squirt of the sauce or accompany it with another sauce of your liking. Fair warning, the curry kick is going to be extra STRONG.

There’s a new wrapper too

Did you know that they have a limited edition wrapper for these two months too?

Local cartoonist Ernest Ng doodles his creative imagery of Subway and our Malaysian heritage on the wrapper. It features Hibiscuses, iconic landmarks and Subway’s official mascot, Sabweh (created by him too)!

This cute cartoon got me so excited!
(Credit: TRP)

Ernest Ng is also known for his works on Covidball Z, a comic about how Malaysians were coping with Covid-19 during the MCO.

Both the subs and the wrapper are available for two months from 3rd August till 31st September.

So, do you love curry? If you do, you should give this a try and rate it yourself. Is it too strong or just nice?

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