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Here Are 5 Different Ways To Make Use Of Your Maggi For A Balanced Meal

Here Are 5 Different Ways To Make Use Of Your Maggi For A Balanced Meal

From Kari to Asam Laksa, they have plenty of ways to make your Maggi experience healthier.

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Malaysians just love their instant noodles, right? Especially Maggi. Frankly speaking, we don’t use the word instant noodles anymore here, we just refer to them as Maggi. It has become a generalized trademark for us.

There has to be at least one packet of Maggi in your house right? No, we’re not saying we eat it every single day, we just save it for the rainy days (it’s not every day we can afford to eat Nasi Kandar 😭).

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But if you just eat your Maggi plainly with no side dishes, it can be kinda boring and it won’t be a balanced meal. Thanks to Maggi’s recent ‘Sajian Seimbang Tanda Sayang‘ (A Balanced Bowl is a Serving of Love) campaign, they’ve prepared a few examples of a balanced meal with their classic Malaysian flavoured Maggi.

The campaign aims to advocate balanced eating among Malaysians as well as celebrate a mother’s inventive culinary skills in providing a healthy meal for her family.

(L-R) The launch of MAGGI ‘Sajian Seimbang Tanda Sayang’ campaign by Geetha Balakrishna, Business Executive Office of MAGGI, Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad; Sheila Rusly, celebrity mom entrepreneur and food enthusiast; and Wong Mei Ching, Group Corporate Nutrition Manager of Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad.
(Credit: Maggi Malaysia)

Inspired by the Malaysian Healthy Plate (MHP) guide by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, they adapted the ‘suku-suku separuh’ (Quarter Quarter Half) concept in preparing their meals.

The Quarter Quarter Half concept tells you to eat a balanced meal by dividing your meal into 3 parts.

  • 1/4 of the plate to be filled with carbohydrate sources (e.g. rice, Maggi noodles, bread or cereal)
  • 1/4 of the plate to be filled with protein sources (e.g. egg, tofu, meat or seafood)
  • 1/2 of the plate filled with vegetables and fruits

Here are some suggestions on what to add to your bowl or plate of Maggi to make it a balanced meal:

1. The Goodness Green Bowl

For this one, you can add some protein from the tofu and veggies such as mushrooms, baby corn, bak choy, carrot and seaweed.

This is meant for those going for a plant-based diet. It’s not a vegetarian or vegan option though, as you would need to use the chicken-flavoured Maggi as a base for this one.

(Credit: Maggi Malaysia)

2. The Busy Parent

Inspired by our local ‘Mi Ladna’, this simple dish is meant for those busy parents out there.

You can whip up a Maggi Kari and add shredded chicken and eggs for protein. Put in some vegetables like kailan, cabbage and carrot for the fibre and vitamins.

(Credit: Maggi Malaysia)

3. The Fussy Eater

For those with little fussy eaters, they need something attractive in their meals. Veggies and noodles? No fun!

Well, you can add some creativity by making your own meatballs with chicken meat and mushroom. Just blend them together with some chopped veggies and roll them into a ball. Add some seasoning while you’re at it. Then, there’s your protein.

(Credit: Maggi Malaysia)

Additionally, you can decorate your meal with veggies like carrots, corn and spinach to make the meal more appetizing. This dish is done with chicken flavoured Maggi.

4. The Golden Age

If you love Kerabu Maggi, then you gotta try this one. You can use the Tom Yum flavoured Maggi and add some prawns and squids for the protein.

The veggies, however, need to be cut into thin slices to give that perfect kerabu effect. The veggies needed are tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, coriander, kantan flower, and kesum leaves.

(Credit: Maggi Malaysia)

5. The Zero Waste Hero

So what do you do with leftover fried fish? Make them into another meal of course!

You can use the asam laksa Maggi flavour for this one. With the leftover fish as the protein, you can add veggies such as cucumber, onions, kantan flower, kesum and mint leaves.

In addition, you can also add fruits such as chopped pineapples and squeezed calamansi. These can add a sweet and citrusy flavour to complement the Asam Laksa taste of the dish.

(Credit: Maggi Malaysia)

Ultimately, we think they’re missing one more way of doing Maggi that we Malaysians truly love. The Mamak Style Maggi Goreng. That thing just hits you so good. Put some chicken, egg and plenty of veggies, then we’ll be good to go for a balanced meal.

But that probably wouldn’t be a healthy meal if you fry them with too much oil. Okay, no wonder they left that out.

But hey, if you wanna look for other recipes using Maggi, you can check out their website here. From Murtabak Maggi to Maggi Goreng Tomyam, they have a lot of different recipes there. They even have other recipes without maggi too!

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