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A Pinky Starbucks Summer Reveal [Review]

A Pinky Starbucks Summer Reveal [Review]

The coffee chain has brand new drinks, cakes, merchandise, and coffee for the season.

Anne Dorall

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Starbucks has unveiled a new summer menu that includes a pretty fantastic line of exciting new stuff! The new menu will only be available to the public on 27 July, but Starbucks members will get to try it a day before on 26 July!

The fun new drinks include the Strawberry Açai With Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers and the Pink Drink With Strawberry Açaí Starbucks Refreshers. Returning to the menu is also the Starbucks Oatmilk Cocoa Macchiato for those who still enjoy a dash of chocolate in their day.

Left: Strawberry Açai With Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers and right: Pink Drink With Strawberry Açaí Starbucks Refreshers.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

The Strawberry Açai With Lemonade is truly a refreshing drink. It comes in a bright pinkish red colour and topped with dried strawberry slices that added a really fruity flavour to the drink.

The Pink Drink With Strawberry Açaí may be quite familiar to those who have tried it overseas, where it went viral a few years back. Yes, it’s the same viral pastel Pink Drink, mixed with hints of passionfruit and creamy coconut milk for a vibrantly tropical taste. If the coconut milk isn’t to your liking, feel free to swap it out for your favourite kind of dairy instead.

Left: the Chocolate Lava Cake and right: Absolute Coffee Cake.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Other than drinks, they also have strong dessert options to hit the menu, namely the Chocolate Lava Cake and the Absolute Coffee Cake.

Chocolate lovers will absolutely adore the Chocolate Lava Cake, topped with colourful and melty marshmallow bits. Expect a real flood of warm molten chocolate with each bite of cake!

Now, if you’re more of a coffee fan, then go for the Absolute Coffee Cake and pair it with a hot cup of coffee to boot. It tastes creamy but not too overwhelming, a great classic sort of cake for a pick-me-up.

Other than that, Starbucks has also introduced brand new tumblers and bottles. Unlike their previous merchandise, this time they have returned to classic colours and styles like a warm tan and silver stainless steel colours.

Left: the new summer line of merchandise up for display, right: the Voyage Blend 2022.

Additionally, Starbucks also has a new coffee blend, the Voyage Blend 2022. It’s called as such because the three coffee beans used are separated by oceans: sourced from Rwanda, West Java and Peru.

The coffee itself has notes of oranges, lending the brew a citrusy and zesty flavour. The medium roast brew is full of flavour and perfect for a wake-me-up cup in the morning.

Starbucks’ Summer Refreshers series are priced at RM16.95, while the Voyage Blend 2022 is priced at RM45 for 250g.

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