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Your Childhood Snacks Just Got A Spicy Upgrade

Your Childhood Snacks Just Got A Spicy Upgrade

The Miaow Miaow brand produced some of Malaysian’s most enjoyed childhood snacks.

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Every Malaysian knows the Miaow Miaow brand of snacks, from their fat cuttlefish chips to the green pea ones.

Then we grew out of those yummy childhood snacks, but it turns out that they’re growing up too!

Miaow Miaow has introduced 4 new spicy flavours that includes sambal, curry, and even spicy Korean.

The Taste Test

We managed to try all 4 flavours: the Korean Spicy flavours (with both cuttlefish and prawn crackers), as well as the Curry BBQ and Sambal Balado prawn crackers.

All four new flavours tease spicy “flames”.
(Credit: TRP)

Both the cuttlefish and prawn crackers retain the same crunchy texture and taste we remember, but each one now has a pleasant dose of spice to it.

There are some subtle nuances to the spice mix used, but all flavours were quite pleasant, even if the spiciness does grow on you after a while.

The Korean Spicy cuttlefish crackers were on the sweet side due to cuttlefish crackers having a sweetish glaze over it. The spiciest and most savoury option would be the Sambal Balado flavour, which can get quite addictive!

The Verdict

While these crackers will certainly not send you running for a glass of milk, it’s not quite mild enough for children either.

It does do a really good job of adding a bit of tingly spice to whenever you’re snacking, whether that’s in front of the TV or while you simply need a pick-me-up in the middle of the day.

All in all, these new flavours really does feel like the adult version of our favourite childhood snacks, and they’re worth at least a try.

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