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These Zong Zi Come Wrapped In Special Lotus Leaf Shaped Like A Pillow

These Zong Zi Come Wrapped In Special Lotus Leaf Shaped Like A Pillow

Using lotus leaf instead of the traditional bamboo leaf imparts a fragrant aroma to the sticky rice dumpling.

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Zong zi, also known as bak zhang, are popping up for sale around town already in time for the Dragon Boat Festival, which will fall on Friday, 3 June 2022.

These sticky rice dumplings are deliciously savoury meals packed with ingredients such as glutinous rice, pork belly, beans, chestnut, dried shrimp, salted egg yolk and wrapped with bamboo leaves. While the rice dumpling itself is truly delicious, its origin story is a lot darker and involves, of all things, suicide.

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Most Chinese restaurants will have these traditional zong zi available for sale during the festive period, but Oversea Restaurant is adding a touch of modernity to this classic dumpling.

Lotus leaves, pillow shaped

The zong zi offered by Oversea Restaurant is wrapped in lotus leaves, which imparts a lovely fragrant aroma that is fantastic with savoury rice. (Yes, just like the Lotus Leaf Rice at the end of 10-course Chinese dinners.)

As lotus leaves are also softer than traditional bamboo leaves, these ones will come wrapped in a cute fat pillow shape instead of the traditional triangular shape instead.

The square pillow-shaped zong zi from Oversea Restaurant.
(Credit: Oversea Restaurant)

However, not to worry, the taste and ingredients used in Oversea’s zong zi will still definitely hit the spot for that classic taste of bak zhang.

Jumbo size for sharing

Usually one zong zi is already rather filling on its own, but if you want something bigger and more impressive for sharing with your family, Oversea is also offering Jumbo Cantonese Style Rice Dumplings.

These big ones are nearly double the weight and size of the traditional ones, with the addition of premium ingredients such as mushroom and dried scallop.

The jumbo zong zi has lots of goodies just right for sharing.
(Credit: Oversea Restaurant)

The Lotus Leaf Rice Dumpling starts at RM84 for 3 pieces (350-380g), while the Jumbo Cantonese Style Rice Dumpling goes for RM50 per piece (650-680g). Both are available for takeaway until 12 June 2022.

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