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This Lemon-Themed Bakery Cafe In PJ Has A Large Lemon Tree In It! [Review]

This Lemon-Themed Bakery Cafe In PJ Has A Large Lemon Tree In It! [Review]

The Lemon Tree serves a variety of pastries, cakes, and drinks that lean into its zesty, citrusy theme.

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There’s a new fancy bakery cafe in town, this one with a large lemon tree and bright yellow decorations to fit its lemon theme.

The Lemon Tree is a sunny and bright cafe that just newly opened in Tropicana with a high arching ceiling, making it a very popular spot for pictures. But if you’re going to go all the way there, what about the food?

The Taste Test

They have the usual cafe offerings, but also more interesting drinks like the Fizzy Lemon Coffee.

The Fizzy Lemon Coffee (RM16) is an interesting mix of coffee with a citrus twist.
(Credit: TRP)

Much like what its name implies, it is a cup of coffee with a twist of lemon. It’s an interesting drink for sure, because it draws out both the bitterness of the coffee and the sourness of the lemon. Generally speaking, those are the flavours you don’t want to empasize.

Still, it’s a bit of an acquired taste. Once you get past the initial taste, it starts to grow on you as rather refreshing, since the tart lemon cuts through the heaviness of the coffee.

Some of the pastries available at The Lemon Tree: from left, Pistachio Eclair (RM17), Tiramisu Cake (RM15), and Coconut Jelly Cake (RM15).
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

If you’re not here for the drinks, give their many pastries and cakes a shot. They have a wide variety, featuring interesting flavours such as pistachio eclair, coconut jelly, lemon napoleon, macadamia cheesecake, and more.

Otherwise, try a specialty croissant, such as the ever-popular Nutella-stuffed croissant or the pistachio croissant, or a savoury-type double cheese croissant.

Speaking of savoury foods, The Lemon Tree also serves savoury all-day breakfast.

The breakfast options include: left, Truffle & Portobello Mushroom (RM26) and the Morning Fuel (RM38).
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

The breakfast and savoury food items tend to be on the lighter side without heavy sauces and seasonings, which some people may enjoy but others may find bland.

The Verdict

If you’re keen on trying a cafe spot, The Lemon Tree might hit the mark with a few of their pastries and dessserts. Naturally, the bright sun-lit interior and the large lemon tree is also a great backdrop for the aesthetically-inclined.

Some food and drink items are a hit-or-a-miss, or rather: it’s very much up to personal preferences. As a general observation, The Lemon Tree is quite light on the palate, even for their desserts.

Croissants of various flavours. They also have bread loafs, tarts, and other baked goods.
(Credit: TRP)

While I would recommend trying what catches your eye, the prices are relatively steep, even when compared to similar bakery cafes. If you’re looking to just try some of their best, you can’t quite go wrong with the pastries and little cakes.

However, getting there may not be so easy. Parking is very limited in Menara Lien Hoe, so it would be preferable to get a ride there instead or be prepared to park by the roadside. Get ready for a long wait as the cafe is rather small and is only on a walk-in basis.

The Lemon Tree might be worth the visit if you’re nearby during non-peak hours, so you can pick up some of their pastries without spending too much time waiting.

The Lemon Tree
Ground Floor, Menara Lien Hoe, 8, Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
8am – 6pm daily

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