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7-Eleven’s New Lemon Lychee Slurpee Flavour Is Refreshingly Fruity

7-Eleven’s New Lemon Lychee Slurpee Flavour Is Refreshingly Fruity

Their new flavor tastes more lychee than lemon but it’s still refreshing.

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7-Eleven is not only known for being the largest convenience store chain in the nation but they are also known for their Slurpee! Labelled the “Coolest drink on Earth”, they have a variety of flavours to choose from such as the Bubblegum flavour, Tutti Frutti flavour and more.

However now, 7-Eleven has dropped a new flavour in their convenience stores which is the Lemon Lychee Slurpee flavour. A big fan of citrus flavours, I decided to try this new flavour out. I drove to 4 7-Eleven stores to find this one. I better hope it’s worth it.

The Taste Test

I was surprised to know that 7-Eleven has a promotion of RM1 for their 12 oz Slurpee every Wednesday for the time being. It’s called the Crazy Wednesday deals where certain items in their store are offered at a discounted price. But you’ll have to be up to date with their social media to know what items are on sale.

What a lucky day I happened to come across. I was expecting a 22 oz drink but well, if anything’s RM1, I’ll take it! On regular days, the Slurpee drink comes in three sizes which are 12 oz, 16 oz, and 22 oz and starts as low as RM2.30. I forgot how fun it was to put the drink yourself and add on the extra volume after you’ve put on the dome lid.

I felt like an excited kid again.
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail/TRP, 7-Eleven Malaysia)

As it was a very hot day indeed today, the first slurp was magical. It was cold and sweet. It was worth the journey to get it. The taste of lychee is actually stronger than the lemon. It felt more of a lychee drink than a lemon drink but the citrusy hint is still there. It’s a good combination of cold soda, lychee and mild citrus.

The Verdict

This drink felt like a chilled lychee soda to me with an aftertaste of lemon. Cold sweet and citrusy delight. Perfect on a hot day.

You just gotta enjoy the drink while it still has the icy shaved ice texture.
(Credit: Melissa Suraya Ismail/TRP)

I actually love it as it reminds me of a Malaysian popsicle called the Mat Kool Traffic Light. Do you guys remember the iconic ice cream? The parts that tasted the same were the green and yellow parts. It felt nostalgic to me as the popsicle is no longer available these days. It tasted just like the ice cream but a bit fruitier and sweeter.

This is the legendary Mat Kool Traffic Light Ice Cream.
(Credit: @naazu_twt/Twitter, Mohd Yahya/Facebook)

All in all, this drink is perfect for those who want a refreshing cold drink on a hot day. But do remember to finish them all before they liquify. Then it’ll be too sweet to drink.

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