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KFC’s Golden Egg Crunch Chicken Makes A Comeback For CNY

KFC’s Golden Egg Crunch Chicken Makes A Comeback For CNY

The salted egg flavour is back again after a few years.

Anne Dorall

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KFC’s Chinese New Year offering this year is the return of fan-favourite salted egg flavour, the Golden Egg Crunch.

The salted egg flavour was first introduced a few years ago, but they are finally back again for 2022.

The Taste Test

We’ve come to expect KFC’s limited-time flavours to be generously coated with savoury seasoning on the crisp skin.

The seasoning features powedered salted egg yolk and a generous hint of herbs with a light touch of chili.

The resulting combination is a rich flavour bomb the moment you bite into the juicy chicken.

The Golden Egg Crunch meal comes with mashed potato, coleslaw, and a mango drink (not pictured).
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

The Verdict

Those who have enjoyed KFC’s previous limited-time options will enjoy the Golden Egg Crunch just the same, with it’s delicious blend of rich and umami flavours.

However, this recipe isn’t quite the same as the wet versions of salted egg chicken, which is classically more of a sauce coating. This version trades a more authentic salted egg taste for the crunchiness that a powder seasoning can bring out.

The Golden Egg Crunch with its generous coat of savoury salted egg seasoning.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

This year’s Golden Egg Crunch can be on the drier side with its powder coating, and could be rather jelak after a while due to its richness, although the mango cordial that comes with the meal helps to refresh your taste buds.

They also have a burger version of the Golden Egg Crunch, which features the same savoury flavours on a Zinger patty.

Fans of KFC will likely enjoy both versions, so why not give it a shot?

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