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9 Holiday Desserts For Everyone In Your Life, Even The Pickiest Eater

9 Holiday Desserts For Everyone In Your Life, Even The Pickiest Eater

Holiday time is meant for delicious desserts– and what better way than to share with friends?

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It’s Christmas and this calls for a sweet celebration. Whether you’re ordering for a party or gifting it to your friends and family, desserts are the delightful thing about enjoying Christmas.

However, in a group of people, there must be different taste palettes, right? Not everyone is going to enjoy the popular peppermint candy cane or the traditional fruit cake. Some people go for healthy keto-based ones and some just eat what they see. Everybody’s got their own preference.

Hence, we’re catering this Christmas dessert list to you. There’s something for everyone in the group.

A Stickler For Tradition But Still Young At Heart

Whenever it’s Christmas, you’ll always see the Yule Log Cake or Bûche de Noël, don’t you? Usually, it’s chocolate flavored swiss roll cake but they can vary now like vanilla, red velvet, and many more.

Here, we recommend the Christmas Log Cake by Elevete Patisserie.

Credit: Elevete Patisserie

What’s so special about their Yule Log Cake is that it features moist chocolate cake with their signature salted caramel buttercream. It’s covered with a rich dark chocolate couverture frosting for the bark.

It’s chocolate in a shape of a log! Traditional yet fun to look at. Perfect for those who are young at heart.

Your Indecisive Friend Who Doesn’t Know Which Cake To Eat

This type of friend, they love cakes, yes they do. But they just cant make up their mind on which cake to choose! Don’t worry, we’ll serve them a cake platter that they’ll never refuse. There are bits of everything in here.

You can try the Four pieces of Christmas Petit Gateau from Eat Cake Today.

Credit: Eat Cake Today

The four mini cakes feature Mr. Snowman in white chocolate and raspberry filling, Gift Box with a chocolate twist and red coating, Rudolph the Reindeer in a chocolate mousse and caramel filling, as well as the Christmas Tree with a combination of matcha and hazelnut flavors.

Eat Cake Today is a place where every dessert looks like they’ve been made in Disney heaven. These small cakes are not just too cute to eat but have premium ingredients in them. Good luck choosing from these, dear indecisive friend!

Those People Who Don’t Care For Tradition

Who says cake and ice cream should be two separate things? Want them together on Christmas? Well, now it’s your turn to try. Mix it up a little.

Get your Wreath Ice Cream Cake from Inside Scoop.

Credit: Inside Scoop

With a combination of chocolate cake and ice cream wrapped with elements of almond and raspberry, this cake just screams christmas. It’s topped with a mesmerizing decoration of green chocolate to symbolize the wreath we normally see on the holidays.

Dont hang it on your door when you receive this. This is meant for your chiller until your guests arrive. Surprise them with an unconventional cake!

Those Who Love A Bit Of Spice In Everything

What’s Christmas without gingerbread cookies right? These cookies are just hard to miss during christmas dinners.

Get your traditional guest these Gingerbread Cookies from Junandus.

Credit: Junandus

With the traditional taste of spice and molasses, these cookies come in four different adorable shapes: the Gingerbread Man, Christmas Tree, Wreath, and Snowman. Not only that, they have fondant decoration on top of the cookies to bring these characters to life.

Even if you have traditional people coming over, you can still cater this to them. No worries.

Meant For Those Posh But Still Child-like People

Macaroons. A bit posh, aren’t they? Tiny but very expensive. It’s all thanks to the premium quality ingredients.

Cake pops, however, are made with cheaper leftover bits of cakes and bring out your inner child when eating them.

Get both of these for you or your special one in a Mini Jolly Dessert Box from Little Collins.

Credit: Little Collins

These aren’t just adorable, they are an assortment of different flavors to make someone jolly. They have Chocolate Rudolph macarons, Raspberry Snowflake macarons, and Chocolate Pudding Cake Pops.

Both adults and children can enjoy the posh macarons and fun cake pops together.

Those Sugar-free Wannabes But Still Wanna Have Fun

We all know these types of people. “No thanks, I’m on a diet.” What?! It’s a Christmas Dinner. Cheat Day! Well, you don’t need to force your determined loved ones to cheat their diet.

You could cater to them with Kind Dessert‘s Christmas Keto Combo.

Credit: Kind Dessert

This particular combo offers three cupcakes, two mini pavlovas, and creme caramel. They’re all keto ones, don’t worry. The cupcakes are assorted into three flavors and designs which are Santa’s Toppers Hat (Red Velvet), Christmas Wreath (Chocolate), and Gingerbread Man (Pumpkin Spice).

Kind Desserts offers sugar-free, gluten-free, and low crabs desserts. What more could you ask? You can impress your guests to eat these guilt-free.

For Those Picasso-To-Be Creative Kids

Dessert is sure fun to eat. But to decorate it hassle-free? MORE. FUN.

The Buttercake Factory offers DIY Christmas Cookies for those who want a little fun in the kitchen with their kids or just, themselves.

Credit: The Buttercake Factory

This particular bakery sells sugar cookies with royal icing and sprinkles in a DIY decoration set. You can choose different shapes based on two sets which are Set A: Reindeer, Candy canes, & Santa Claus, or Set B: Christmas Tree, Gingerbread Man, & Socks.

This is ideal for those people who want to get their hands dirty with their loved ones this Christmas.

Those Aunties Who Love To Try Something New Now And Then

Tired of cakes, cupcakes, and cookies? Well, you could try tarts. Don’t bore your guests with cakes anymore, get them the pastries in shapes that will blow their minds.

Merry Tart Box from Real Sweet Treats is best for those who want to try something different.

Credit: Real Tasty Treats

There are four different creamy flavors served in one gift box. The Winter Wonderland features a chocolate sable (sandy-biscuit texture) with Jivara Chocolate fillings while the Christmas Tree features almond sable with pistachios and raspberry.

The Golden Star has chocolate sable drowned in more chocolate flavors and chestnut cream while the Jolly Wreath has an almond sable with hints of cinnamon and apple.

Too many flavors in a tart huh? We bet it’ll wow your aunties away.

The Most Orthodox Of Us All

Fruit cakes. Yeap. It’s not meant for everyone. But for those conventional people, this is the ultimate star of them all.

Try out Jan’s Fruit Cake from Huckleberry for those guests who can’t seem to tolerate any other desserts.

Credit: Huckleberry / Instagram

What makes this different from other fruit cakes? They are soaked for quite an amount of time in the best kind of alcohol.

Apart from the normal butter, sugee flour, and meringue, this cake has a generous amount of raisins, sultanas, cherries, cashews, and crystalized ginger infused for a month in rum, amaretto, brandy, and spices.

The cake will surely pack a sweet fruitful punch! These are superb for non-Muslims adults with an acquired taste.

Hence, these are the list to fit most of the people you know whether they’re your friends or family. You can also browse more desserts at the respective brand’s website as they sell a lot more than what’s featured here.

Happy dessert shopping. Don’t forget to wipe your drool while browsing.

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