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8 Best Spots For Simply Good, No-Frills Food In Seremban [Non-Halal]

8 Best Spots For Simply Good, No-Frills Food In Seremban [Non-Halal]

Whether you’re a Seremban local or just a visitor, there are more choices of food than you think.

Anne Dorall

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For many, Seremban is a small town on the way to Melaka where you drop by to buy some siew pau to bring home to your friends.

But recently, there’s a growing interest in cosy, small-town aesthetics, with all its hidden gems and truly grassroots local vibes. Malaysians want to explore more of their own country, so why not give Seremban a shot? There’s more to eat here than just siew pau.

Whether you’re visiting Seremban to truly explore what it has to offer, or if you’re returning to your hometown, hungry tummies need to be fed! So try out some of these truly local dishes with that true old-school kopitiam aesthetic.

1. Lucky Dragon Restaurant

The Lucky Dragon Restaurant is a classic old-school kopitiam for breakfast hawker food.

Their nasi lemak bungkus is one of the best in town, but if you’re more keen on noodles, try out their prawn mee, sotong meehoon, or pork noodles!

2. Hao Kai Xin

If you suffer from a serious case of don’t-know-eat-what-isms or are with a group who can never decide on something to eat, give Hao Kai Xin kopitiam a try.

They have a diverse range of food for any picky eater, from roti canai to chicken rice, pork noodles, curry mee, and more.

3. One Up

One Up is called that because it truly is one step up from a regular kopitiam. They lean heavily into the old-school aesthetic, decorated with many vintage plaques, clocks, typewriters, coffee grinders, and more knick-knacks.

The coffee shop layout is also spacious and clean, with marble tabletops for that vintage-but-luxe backdrop for your #foodgram pics.

Choose from a variety of staples such as yee mee, pan mee, char kuey teow, or– if you’re feeling peckish– their breakfast set with butter kaya toast and soft boiled eggs.

4. Loong Hin

If you’re into hot, steamy buns, you’re in luck. Loong Hin Coffee Shop has a great selection of freshly made springy pau with generous fillings.

Sit down for a hot bun paired with perfectly iced coffee, and then before you end your trip, pick up some of their homemade frozen delights like dumplings, siew mai, jiao zi, and more.

5. Chat Street

At Chat Street Kopitiam, the true stars of the show is the hand-pulled coffee, while the food act merely as supporting actors.

Silky soft and smooth, it pairs perfectly with a simple roti bakar and soft-boiled eggs. If you’re still feeling pecking, grab any of your classic hawker fare favourites such as wan tan mee, pork noodles, or char kuey teow.

6. Restoran Miliwah

If you’re shopping around the market in Kampung Baru Semenyih, then you might as well grab a satisfying breakfast along the way.

Restoran Miliwah is a classic neighbourhood kopitiam, with a wide variety of choices. Whether you feel like a simple chee cheong fun or a bowl of timeless chicken rice, they have it all.

7. N-Nine Food Court

If you need a place to crash after a long, hard day at work – this is where you go to rest and refuel.

N-Nine Food Court serves all the comfort food you need at night, from fried chicken wings to fish head noodles to Thai food and more. Some fan favourites are the satay and the wan tan mee stall, which has been there for more than 15 years.

8. SJ N-Nine Food Court

This is another branch of the N-Nine Food Court in Medan Selera, but you can expect the same large, comfortable dining area and a huge variety of choices here.

Choose from anything from western food, chee cheong fun, and even Indian thosai to satisfy any dinner cravings!

Whether you’re a Seremban local or just visiting for business, there are more choices than you think for the delicious local fare!


If you’re up for a leisurely detour on your way back up North, consider heading over Morib Beach in Banting which has a gorgeous beach view. While you’re there, skip the pricey tourist trap restaurants and give this good ol’ kopitiam a try with their amazing prawn mee and more.

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