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A&W’s Cheesy Golden Egg Fried Chicken Is A Salty Mess [Review]

A&W’s Cheesy Golden Egg Fried Chicken Is A Salty Mess [Review]

Parmesan cheese sauce and salted egg are both delicious on their own, but together?

Anne Dorall

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A&W’s newest limited-time addition to their menu is the Cheesy Golden Egg Crunch, advertised as a unique combination of flavours that merges creamy parmesan cheese sauce with salted egg crumb toppings.

Cheese sauce and salted egg are two of my favourite flavours, so with my interest sufficiently piqued, I had to try it out.

The Taste Test

The Cheesy Golden Egg Crunch comes either ala carte or with a set meal. The chicken itself smells incredibly savoury, with a fragrant salted egg aroma when you open the box.

The set meal comes with 1 side and 1 must-have A&W RB.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Visually, it’s quite appealing too, with crumbly bits and glistening skin.

The first bite is great with the whiff of salted egg and explosive umami in your mouth. There is also an unexpectedly sweet aftertaste.

But after a few bites, the saltiness builds up incredibly, and whatever flavour there was gets drowned out by the oily outside coating. I’m assuming that the oily coat is supposed to be the parmesan cheese sauce, but perhaps this is the one time that generous seasoning ends up backfiring.

The 2-pc Cheesy Golden Egg Crunch and the Coney mashed potato.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

However, the chicken itself is very well done and cooked to juicy perfection. The size of the chicken pieces are quite pretty decent for a satisfying meal.

The Verdict

While the dish was promising at first, the overly saltiness and oiliness of the chicken detracts from the flavours.

The seasoned coat of the fried chicken is quite interesting, texturally.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Parmesan cheese and salted egg yolk are both very rich, salty ingredients, and in this case it could have been simply too much of a good thing.

After the initial burst of salted egg aroma, there isn’t much flavour to speak of. While the chicken was indeed salty, it lacks the creaminess and smoothness of the egg.

It was a good attempt to highlight their fried chicken offerings, but perhaps most people would prefer their regular Golden Aroma or Spicy Aroma fried chicken instead. Still, if you really like salty food, this might be worth a shot for you.

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