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I’ve Tried The Tealive x Famous Amos Cookie Drinks And Here’s The Verdict [Review]

I’ve Tried The Tealive x Famous Amos Cookie Drinks And Here’s The Verdict [Review]

If you’re a cookie monster, you might wanna try these out.

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Since Christmas is just around the corner, a lot of F&B businesses are either bringing back their holiday menus or crafting a new one for the festive season.

This time around, Tealive is collaborating with Famous Amos to produce the Famous Amos Drinks.

There are four versions of these drinks which are the Famous Coco Lava, Famous Coco Toffee, Famous Coco Smoothie, and Famous Vanilla Smoothie.

For today, I’m trying the Famous Vanilla Smoothie and Famous Coco Lava. I felt so excited while I was driving to my nearest Tealive outlet!

Pretty to look at. But are they worth the drive?
Credit: TRP

The Taste Test

I was told that the smoothies are only for Famous Vanilla and Famous Coco ones.

Meanwhile, the Famous Coco Toffee is served hot while the Famous Coco Lava is an iced drink.

Famous Coco Lava

First of all, I think iced beverages are always taken for granted. But usually, the taste of the syrup or any flavor is made more prominent in iced beverages than blended ones.

That’s just my two cents from a merely retired barista. And that is why I ordered this one.

I did not expect the taste of the cookie crumbs to be very crunchy and delicious in this drink because normally if you leave the cookies for too long in iced drinks, they’ll become soggy and less enjoyable.

People always go for the frappe or blended one because they are so fancy right?
Credit: TRP

But this drink though, I was having tears of joy with every bite of the cookies! I love them! But you better drink them fast!

The ‘lava’ part was referred to the chocolate drizzle on the side of the cup, as it says. It was well, sweet, as all chocolate syrups are.

Then, the drink is topped off with Famous Amos’ original chocolate chip crushed cookies which eventually, sunk down to the bottom of the drink, but still, loved the cookies.

Famous Vanilla Smoothie

For this drink, the barista asked me if I liked sweet drinks and suggested this. I said yes sure, why not.

I uh- instantly regretted that. I thought it was going to be your regular sweet drink but it was super leg-cutting diabetes sweet! Okay, it might be a bit of an exaggeration but, it is definitely sweet.

Yea well okay, they do look fancier than an iced beverage.
Credit: TRP

The drink is quite pretty to drink. It’s basically just a vanilla smoothie blended with the Famous Amos original chocolate chip crushed cookies and also toffee. To top it off, they put some extra crumbs on top.

It tasted like Horlicks a bit to me. A crunchy caramel-like Horlicks drink. Well, it has toffee, of course, it tastes like caramel.

It actually has a nice and fun taste. It’s like a tango of creaminess and crunchiness in your mouth.

The Verdict

So, now you know how they sorta taste like, which one would you prefer?

Personally, for me, I’d stick with the Famous Choco Lava as it has a more subtle taste and is less sweet. It’s basically a regular chocolate drink with DELICIOUS choc chips in it.

But for you sweet tooth cravers out there, you can try out the Famous Vanilla Smoothie or the Famous Coco Smoothie for those chocolate fans.

Of course, you can adjust the sweetness level by asking for suggestions from your barista.

The drinks may be sweet but the bottom line is, the cookies, are to die for.

Credit: Tealive / Facebook

Anyhow, their tagline for this series is cute though. #TealiveMakeMeFamous

If you do try them out and tag Tealive, they can feature you and make you FAMOUS as well. Cute.

They are available at your nearest Tealive outlet this 8 December. Go give it a try and tell us what you think.

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